• How to email your teacher

    1. Don’t use email for something that can wait and be addressed in person.
    2. Be formal
      1. Use spell check, write in complete sentences and use capital letters and appropriate language for addressing an adult.
      2. Don’t use text language or shortcuts.
      3. Use “please” and “thank you”.
    3. Use your FrogRock email account and check it regularly.
    4. Include a meaningful subject line.
    5. Always use a greeting:
      1. “Estimada Profesora Láhtinen:”
      2. Spell your teacher’s name correctly.
    6. Briefly state the reason(s) why you are emailing:
      1. list specific assignment title;
      2. say what the problem is.
      3. Ask for clarification first before assuming an error has been made.
    7. If you are emailing with a problem, suggest a solution.
    8. Sign it with your first and last name and class period.
    9. Reread and proofread what you have written before you hit “send”:
      1. Use spell check.
      2. Be polite, concise and clear.
    10. Allow adequate time for a reply:
      1. 24-hour window for replies.
      2. Do not expect a reply between 8 pm and 8 am nor on weekends.
      3. Be sure to check your email for a response.


    Here is a sample student email template to use when inquiring about a grade:

    Estimada Profesora Láhtinen:

    I noticed on Skyward/Learning Site/I have a question about a score/incorrect score/low score/missing score for assignment/test/quiz “LMNOP” on 00/00/00.

    May I please meet with you before school/after school/this week to discuss this? Or, if possible, would you please look into it and email me any information?

    Gracias por su atención,

    Student First Name Last Name, período X