BHS Cell Phone Policy
  • Bainbridge High School Cell Phone Policy

    As a BHS school community, we believe that promoting appropriate digital usage is essential to creating a positive learning environment in which all students can focus.

    Students, when you enter each class, please turn your cell phone off and place your phone in the location designated by your teacher. Phones should remain there until your teacher allows access. This may be for an activity during class, or it may be at the end of class as you are leaving.

    Why: Cognitive and behavioral scientists have found that electronic devices can interfere with our ability to concentrate, and the ability to focus is highly correlated with educational success.

    If cell phones or laptops are used during class for a learning activity, you are expected to use the device ONLY for work related to that activity.

    Why: Respect your neurological needs. Research clearly shows that we cannot multitask and that cell phones in the classroom detract from learning. Since you are at school to learn, we want an environment that supports learning.

    Cell phones, cameras, or other devices should not be used to photograph or film others without their consent.

    Why: This invades the privacy of others and also creates an environment where community members may not feel safe sharing their ideas.

    Unauthorized use of electronic devices may result in confiscation and/or disciplinary action.

    REMINDER: Per the Bainbridge High School (BHS) Electronic Use Agreement, BHS is not responsible for the theft, loss or damage of cell phones brought to campus.