Medication at School

  • Medication is defined to mean all drugs, whether prescription or “over-the-counter.”  It is the policy of BISD not to give medicine to students at school except at the request of the parent/guardian and a licensed practitioner with prescriptive authority.  If it is necessary to take medication during the school day, please follow these steps:

    • Parents/guardians have the Medication at School form completed by their child’s health care provider

    • Parents/guardians bring in the completed form and the medication in the original container to the office

    • Please bring only the required number of doses to the school and keep the remainder of the medication at home

    • Students are not allowed to transport the medication (unless the medication is an inhaler)

    BISD School Board Policy 3416 and Procedure P3416 outline the district’s policy regarding Medication at School.


    Updated August 2023