Student smiling while working on Chromebook

Student Dress

  • Students’ choices in matters of dress should be made in consultation with their parents. Student dress will only be regulated when, in the judgment of school administrators, there is a reasonable expectation that: 

    1. A health or safety hazard will be presented by the student’s dress or appearance; 

    2. Damage to school property will result from the student’s dress; or 

    3. A material or substantial disruption of the educational process will result from the student’s dress or appearance. For the purpose of this policy, a disruption of the educational process may be found to exist when a student’s conduct is inconsistent with any part of the educational mission of the school district. Prohibited conduct includes the use of lewd, sexual, drug, tobacco or alcohol-related messages, or gang-related apparel. The uniforms of nationally recognized youth organizations, and clothing worn in observance of a student’s religion, are not subject to this policy.

    BISD School Board Policy 3224 and Procedure P3224 outline the district’s policy on student dress.  

    Updated August 2023