You have questions? We have answers!

  • Here are some of our most frequently asked questions:

    1. When are teacher assignments/class schedules posted?
    A: These are released at the end of August and will be available via Skyward/Family Access.

    2. What is Skyward/Family Access?
    A: It is our student database. BISD parents have login access to view their students’ schedules, grades, etc. Even if you have multiple children enrolled in BISD, you have only one login.

    3. Help! I forgot my Skyward/Family Access login. I tried resetting it on the login screen, but it still isn’t working.
    A: Please contact the office manager at your child’s school for assistance. Contact information can be viewed here

    4. How do I pay for school meals?
    A: Information on paying for meals (as well as information regarding applying for Free & Reduced Price Meals) can be found here

    5. How do I receive texts announcing school delays or closures? 
    A. Parents and staff must first OPT-IN to our texting system. Click on this webpage to learn more:

    6. My child’s grandparents care for my child before and after school and it would be helpful if they also knew when school is canceled. Can they sign up for text alerts too?
    A. Yes! Community members are encouraged to OPT-IN as well. However, they have to first email their cell numbers to to be added to our system before they can OPT-IN.

    7. Fido misses my child so much during the school day. It’s OK to bring him to campus when I pick up my child, right?
    A. Sorry! Fido will have to wait until your child is home. Animals are not allowed on campus during the school day, including before or after school. 

    8. I would love to exercise on the track at Woodward Middle School or at Bainbridge High School. That’s permitted, right?
    A. During the school day, all of our campuses are closed, which means you cannot access school campuses during those hours. You are also not permitted to “cut-through” campuses as shortcuts while out walking, jogging or bicycling.
    You are welcome to use the tracks before or after school and on weekends. Please note, that sometimes outside organizations rent our athletic fields and tracks. If that is the case, you may not be allowed to use the fields and tracks during those times.

    9. The school calendar states that the last day of school is on June 22 2023, but there are possible make-up days for the three days following June 22. So when is the official last day?
    A: The possible make-up days are built-in to the calendar to use in case school is canceled and we need to make up the day(s). To be safe, please do not book any summer plans until after June 27, 2023.


    Updated July 2021