• Yoga
    This yoga course is designed to increase both physical and mental fitness - allowing students to get more out of day-to-day life and cross-train skillfully for other sports or life stressors.

    Through the practice of basic postures, breath techniques, mindful meditation, and guided relaxation students will build confidence, strength, awareness, and flexibility while having fun.

    Natural effects of this regular class include: vibrant/tangible health, increased concentration, an ability to maintain positive focus in challenging situations, and increased presence and happiness.  

    Course Equipment:
    Yoga Mat (highly recommended to have your own - school can provide if necessary)
    Sweat Towel
    Yoga Blocks (provided)
    Comfortable Clothing (no buttons, zippers, or constrictions)

    Link to Course Syllabus

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    Study Tips for Finals

    Link to an Intro Meditation Practice by Andy from Headspace


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    Sample ideas for ACE Project

    Breathing Techniques




    The brain and stress

    Parasynpathetic and Sympathetic Nervous System 

    Vagus Nerve

    Heart Rate Variability



    Ayurveda topics

    Types of Yoga

    8 Limbs of Yoga Overview

    Any one of the Limbs of Yoga

    Types of Yoga

    History of Yoga

    Music Therapy / Yoga

    Mindul Eating

    Prominent Athletes who practice Yoga


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