• Welcome to Yoga

    This yoga course is designed to increase both physical and mental fitness - allowing students to get more out of day-to-day life and cross-train skillfully for other sports or life stressors.

    Through the practice of basic postures, breath techniques, mindful meditation, and guided relaxation students will build confidence, strength, awareness, and flexibility while having fun.

    Natural effects of this regular class include: vibrant/tangible health, increased concentration, an ability to maintain positive focus in challenging situations, and increased presence and happiness.  

  • Course Equipment:
    Yoga Mat 
    Sweat Towel
    Yoga Blocks (optional)
    Blanket or Beach Towel
    Comfortable Clothing (no buttons, zippers, or constrictions)

    And an open mind!

    *you will be issued a locker for the semester to store your mat and other things

    Link to Absence Make Up form  

  • Schedule Notes:

    All Yoga classes will have 1st Lunch.

    Attendance is your ticket to learning and credit.

    There is no Google Classroom for our Yoga Class - Your PRESENCE is what matters.

  • Meeting Space:

    Yoga is held in Room 409 upstairs in the gym.
    Leave your shoes outside and bring yourself inside.

  • Life is full of awe and beauty ... and hard things happen too ... remember your healthy habits; practice yoga and/or simply take study breaks of stretching/breathing, meditate, remain engaged with your family and friends, take a walk, listen to music, schedule your work time, and enjoy your play time.  Your patience and good attitude about accepting uncertainty and trusting everyone is simply doing their best is appreciated.  Be well.

    Link to Course Syllabus

    Link to Absence Make Up form

    Link to an Intro Meditation Practice by Andy from Headspace