• MAC Membership 


    The Council shall consist of voting members appointed by the BISD Board of Directors.  Members will be parents with at least one child enrolled in the district at the time of appointment.  The Council shall also consist of voting members appointed by the Board who are members of the community.  The Council membership shall reflect diversity in terms of culture, national origin, race, religion, gender, ethnicity, and sexual orientation consistent with the district’s equal educational opportunity policy. The Associate Superintendent for Curriculum and Instruction, Multicultural Education Coordinator, a Board member, Multicultural Education Lead Teachers, and a representative of Bainbridge Island Education Association will be non-voting members.  The Board shall seek recommendations for appointment from the Council, district administrator, and staff.  Members shall be appointed for two-year terms, with half of the voting members being retained each year.


    MAC Executive Board Members 2020-21

    Co-Chairperson          Karen Vargas               kvargas@gmail.com       

    Co-Chairperson          Chasity Malatesta        Malatesta.chasity@gmail.com

    Vice Chairperson        Katy Curtis

    Vice Chairperson        Linda Espinosa

    Vice Chairperson       Deanna Martinez

    Co-Recorder               Steven Soltar

    Co-Recorder               Michelle Mudrock

    Staff Membership:

    Facilitator - Jennifer Kniseley, jkniseley@bisd303.org

    BISD Multicultural Specialist - Christina Peato

    Bainbridge High School - Sharon Tu'inukaufe

    Woodward Middle School - Brandi Bispham and Jennifer Brooks

    Commodore Options School - Susan Tolley 

    Sakai Intermediate School - Maggie Hitchcock

    Blakely Elementary School - Robyn Stahl and Katie Bonanno

    Ordway Elementary - Denise Melton-Todd

    Wilkes Elementary School - Beth Riggs

    Curriculum & Instruction Department - Emily Eigen and Jill Phillips

    Parent and Community Membership:

     School Board Member - Christina Hulet, chulet@bisd303.org