•                      Welcome to Honors American Studies
    All of BHS's American Studies teachers (Jim Seemueller, Sara Berger, Andre Chaisson, and I) are looking forward to working with you this year as we continue learning and teaching during these interesting and challenging times. We are committed to creating a thriving learning community in this class and ask that you partner with us in that effort. Our purpose is to explore the United States together by understanding the forces that have shaped it as well as its present reality. When you have questions or concerns about the class, we genuinely hope you will reach out to us. We're all nice people who are genuinely interested in you and your learning. Welcome to American Studies! 
    Please sign into Google Classroom using the correct code below for the period you have me for History:
    1st period ikrlm6a
    2nd period gijigm3
    3rd period ctv6qys