Kindergarten FAQs

  • What is the birthday cutoff to be a kindergartener?
    Children must be five years old by August 31, 2022.

    What is the kindergarten schedule?
    Except for the first three days of the school year, kindergarteners follow the same school calendar and schedule as other elementary students.

    What happens on the first three days of school?
    To support kindergarteners and their learning, the first three days of the regular school year are different. Instead of a regular school day, kindergarteners and parents participate in kindergarten readiness activities and a get-to-know-you conference.

    How many students are in a kindergarten classroom?
    Our goal is to have kindergarten classrooms with 20 or fewer students. This may vary slightly due to enrollment.

    How are kindergarten classrooms staffed at each school?
    All kindergarten classrooms are staffed with one certificated classroom teacher. Teachers are supported by instructional specialists, the school counselor and their kindergarten teaching team.

    Do kindergarteners require special arrangements for transportation or food?
    Kindergarteners are included in regular bus routes and food service plans for their schools. Kindergarteners are greeted at buses upon arrival, and are walked to buses upon dismissal.
    Students with food allergies and dietary restrictions are closely monitored by staff.