Q:  We see on your bid that a bunch of installation services are required, plus training. Would you have a SOW for each school, or at least can we get the existing configs and the equipment we would be replacing? 
    A:  We do list in the RFP under part 1, the parts needed per site/closet, and the existing UPS to be replaced if applicable.  I think this should be enough information to develop a statement of work from.  Let me know if you have more specific questions after reading through the RFP.  As for training, I don't imagine much will be needed, most likely just going over any best practices you may have with a couple District staff.  Per school training won't be necessary.  

    Q:  There is no –NC version of SRT1500RMXLA. 
    A:  I wasn't aware of this.  We should have leftover network cards from the UPS we are replacing that we can use, so just quote the base version UPS. 

    Q:  Do you have 2 post racks or 4 post racks, because the "RM" versions include a 4 post rack kit.
    A:  We have 2 post racks, and I was not aware of this.  Please update the quote to have 2-post rack mounting kits not 4-post.

    Q: For removal of existing UPS and Battery Packs, can we assume the number of battery packs removed will be the same as new battery backs added?
    A: In most cases, we will be asking for more battery packs then what is currently installed, as the older battery packs had more capacity. Here is a rundown of existing battery packs:
    COM-503: 2 battery packs
    COM-C103: 0 battery packs
    ORD-MDF: 2 battery packs
    SAK-MDF: 3 battery packs
    WMS-MDF: 4 battery packs