• Questions and Clarifications - BISD #303 Leased Lit Fiber WAN - FY2019


    Q: For the Middle schools/high school, do you have SFP+ ports on your switch chassis that we could deliver the links on?

    A:  Yes, we have sfp+ ports available.

    Q:  For Sakai/Woodward, would 2 1gbit copper ports be sufficient? In a failed BSD chassis config you would momentarily drop to 1gbit. If you have an extended outage, you can LAG 2 ports of the still up chassis whilst waiting for replacement gear. This seems more cost effective.

    A:  I think this will work. We would like to have both links setup as an aggregate on our switches. Do you think it could work that way, or would there be two separate 1 gig routes out of the building? It might be best to quote a few different configurations, 1gbps, 10gbps, and 2x1gbps.

    Q:  For BHS, I am not sure if you want a pair of 10gbit links on fiber (SFP+ modules in your switches) or 5 1gbit ports you LAG over your chassis.

    A:  Definitely 10Gbps over 5x1gbps. In the ideal world you would provide me 2 sfp+ links from a single switch in a lacp config. Even though that is 20Gbps to the switch, it would be regulated to 10gbps going out of the building. If that's not possible, I think you should quote 2x 1gbps and 2x 10gbps. I don't see a scenario where we would want more than 2 pud switches.

    Q:  Bandwidth is expensive, would you like to see a proposal where we propose gear that scales way up everywhere, but year 1 you buy bandwidth that meets your needs and we offer optional increments for subsequent years?

    A:  Yes, that would be ideal. We very well may change our scope depending on costs

    Q:  Finally, do you want to see a bid for Internet service? If so, how many static IP addresses do you need, or do you need us to route your own cl

    A:  No, this is provided by Comcast and K20 handles the e-rate contract for it.

    Q: Is it acceptable to perform an SFP to SFP+ replacement to upgrade links from 1gbit to multi-gigabit for subsequent e-rate years?

    A: Yes, that is fine

    Q: Can vendors respond to the RFP by attaching their standard terms and conditions that would apply to the final contract between the parties?
    A: Yes, this is typical for the type of service[s] stated on the RFP.

    Q:  If a vendor has any exceptions to the RFP, how should those exceptions be submitted (as a redline, on a separate page, as a chart, etc.)?
    A: Yes, these should be duly noted as not e-rate eligible. Most vendors will add these items separately to the bid and note at the top of the section that these items are not eligible for e-Rate but necessary for the service[s] to function.

    Q:  The 470 filing states entities of 6 with a quantity of 2. Can you verify and confirm?
    A:  We aren't quite sure what you mean by quantity of 2.  Does that refer to us asking for dual uplinks in each Data room?  We don't need 2 different fiber runs into the building and e-rate won't cover redundant links, but we would like two handoff's from the provider that we can use to create an aggregate link between our switches for redundancy on our end.  

    Q: I wanted to confirm that the High School is the Hub? We build private, point-to-point fiber networks for school districts nationwide. We offer unlimited bandwidth at a fixed rate for life. There will be nothing in between your hub site and your edge sites.
    A: Correct, all sites go to the High School for Internet and internal services. 

    Q: The RFP does not indicate what the district wants delivered at the hub? Are you asking/allowing over subscription? Basically, I'm asking if you want the sum of the parts to equal what is delivered at the hub. For example, if you want 1 Gb to be delivered to your 5 edge sites, then you would be asking for 5 Gb to be delivered at the hub. It is very common for districts to only clarify what they want delivered at their edge sites and to neglect to mention the hub. This allows incumbents to over-subscribe your network.
    A: Check the "Hub and Spoke" proposal outlined in the RFP.  

    Q: Will you allow alternate contract lengths? We typically offers districts 5 and 10 year contracts. The E-Rate Special Construction Rule allows district to drastically buy down their monthly for life. This rule is a game changer and we allow districts to pay off any remaining construction costs after Special Construction over 4 years. Using a three year contract would not allow you to take full advantage of the cost savings associated with Special Construction. Taking these savings into consideration show Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). 
    A:  I believe we changed the terminology to a minimum contract lengths of 3 years.  So we would entertain bids that quoted 5 or 10 years.  Feel free to submit both options.

    Q: The RFP says that Five schools are located on the main campus along with some district administration buildings. Do all of these schools and administration buildings need to be connected as well or are they already connected.  If they do need to connected, what are all of these buildings addresses. 
    A:  These sites are connected with privately owned fiber.