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    Thank you to everyone!


    It was a very challenging year for everyone and it was not no exception for our Yearbook staff. The virus shutdown our school and closed our publishing plant right when Spring was starting. Just when we thought we wouldn’t be able to even have a yearbook, it was with the support of the community, staff and students that we were able to complete the book. We weren’t able to have everyone, every team or organization in the Yearbook that we normally would have, but with all of your help we do have a book!

    Thank you to everyone who helped and thank you to our students and community for your understanding during this very difficult time!


    We hope everyone has a great summer!

    Important Information Regarding Yearbook Distribution

    Because of the COVID-19 virus the Yearbook publishing plant has been closed since March 10th. They have only recently reopened with limited capacity and are working hard to publish our Yearbooks. This will cause a significant delay in the arrival of our Yearbooks. We are awaiting further information from our publisher and will notify everyone when we have a ship date for our completed books.

    Thank you and Stay Safe Everyone!


    Yearbook Staff

    Yearbook is a fun class in which the staff determines structure and content of the BHS Yearbook.

    As a Yearbook Staff member you:


    • Cover school activities

    • Create Yearbook Pages

    • Crop & Select Photographs

    • Write Copy, captions and headlines


    This a fun class that requires work outside of class time to cover events and conduct interviews.


    Yearbook Information

    Senior Photos:

    Seniors, it is time to turn in your senior photos!  Please submit your senior photos electronically by the deadline of October 8th.  This year we are following a new process.  

    You will be uploading your photos and quotes via the new Yearbook email: bhsyearbook@bisd303.org

    Please include the student’s name and contact email as well as a name and email for a parent or guardian.

    We want to make sure every senior has the opportunity to have their senior photo in the yearbook. If you would like to have one of our Advance Photography students take your photo, please fill out the following Google Form: Senior Photo sign-up   Our students have excellent training in lighting and portrait studio photography.  


    Grad Ads:

    Parents, time to send in those photos for your graduating senior. Please submit all Grad Ad Photos electronically by the deadline of October 8th. A message to your senior is also permitted and will be included on the Grad Ad. 

    Upload limits:

    • 7 Photos and 100 words for the full page Ad ($225)

    • 5 Photos and 50 words for the 1/2 page Ad ($150)

    • 3 Photos and 25 words for the 1/4 page Ad ($75)

    In order for your Grad Ad to be made it must be paid for by October 1st. If the payment is not acquired along with the upload images and message the Grad Ad will not be included. Followed is the link for the online payment website: https://wa-bainbridge.intouchreceipting.com/ 

    Payment in school using cash or a check with Ms. Spray in the main office is also acceptable.

    The Yearbook staff reserves the right to resize and crop or cut images to create the Grad Ad.

    If you have paper photos you would like to use there are multiple methods to convert them to electronic form.

    • Bring the photos to a photo copying service, ask them to scan them, and put them on a portable memory drive

    • Scan the photos yourself and save them to your computer or memory device

    • If you have a good lighting setup you can take pictures of the paper photos with a digital camera.

    • You can make arrangements with the yearbook staff to have them assist you with scanning the photos

    If you are scanning the photos or having them scanned for you, it is important to scan the images at the highest resolution possible.  Try to go at least 600 pixels per inch. (1000 pixels per inch is preferred)


    If any questions contact bhsyearbook@bisd303.org