• Hello you awesome young adults! 

     I know some of you are getting ready to apply to college and will be seeking out teachers to write letter of rec.

    For many of you, I am happy to write you a letter! 

    To do so.... please come talk to me!! (Aka don't just put my email in common app and assume I know what you want or that I will write you a letter - I want to see your smiling face and know what you are wanting to do!)

    ** In lieu of this year starting off as distant learning, please just shoot me an email and I will send you a copy of the questionaire to be filled out! 

     I have a quick questionnaire for you to fill out that allows me to boast about you a bit more. It also gives me info about which schools you are applying to and when due dates are. 

    If any of the schools you are applying to are not on common app make sure you find out the details of the application. Bring me envelopes complete with stamps and addresses so I know where they need to go.

     Thanks! Look forward to seeing you!