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    Sept. 13 Bea (aka Scarlet L. Oaks) debunked the superstition surrounding Friday the 13th.

    superstition noun

    su·​per·​sti·i​on | \ ˌsü-pər-ˈsti-shən \

    Definition of superstition

    1 A: a belief or practice resulting from ignorance, fear of the unknown, trust in magic or chance, or a false conception of causation 

    B: an irrational abject attitude of mind toward the supernatural, nature, or God resulting from superstition

    2: a notion maintained despite evidence to the contrary


    You can probably see that I highlighted irrational because even the dictionary knows that superstitions are irrational. Yet in the 1990s a Gallup poll found 25% of Americans were superstitious as reported by David W. Moore. I also highlighted false because, as Merriam Webster states, a superstition is an incorrect understanding of the cause. Many of us today still believe that Friday the 13th is an unlucky day or that April 20th is an unfortunate day, many of these so-called superstitious days have reasons behind the superstition that many of us have forgotten. Even I thought that Friday the thirteenth was unlucky for no reason but then I figured out that it goes back to the bible when Judas, who betrayed Jesus, is thought to have been the 13th guest to sit down to the Last Supper. It is also said to relate to Norse mythology, when a dinner party of the gods was ruined by the 13th guest called Loki, who caused the world to be plunged into darkness. As BBC says in the article “Why is Friday the 13th considered bad luck?” it seems the superstition has stuck.

    Some hotels will still have no room 13. A lot of tall buildings don't have a 13th floor, jumping straight from 12 to 14. Some airlines refuse to have a row 13 in their planes too.

    Reader’s Digest states, there are 11 days that historically have been unluckier than Friday the 13th. All the following occurred on April 20th.


    1587: Queen Elizabeth I of England signs death warrant for her cousin, Mary Stuart, Queen of Scots.

    1888: 246 are reported killed by hail in Moradabad, India.

    1889: Adolph Hitler is born.

    1916: Weeghman Park (soon to be Wrigley Field) opens in Chicago. Cubs still won’t be able to win a World Series.

    1920: Tornadoes kill 219 in Alabama and Mississippi.

    1999: Columbine High School massacre. Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold kill 13 people and injure 24 others before committing suicide.

    2010: Deepwater Horizon drilling rig explosion kills 11 and causes the rig to sink, initiating a massive oil discharge in the Gulf of Mexico.

    2012: Plane crash near Islamabad, Pakistan, kills 127 people.

    2013: 193 people are killed and 11,826 are injured after a magnitude 7.0 earthquake strikes Lushan County, China.

    2013: 5 snowboarders are killed by an avalanche on Loveland Pass, Colorado.

    Though many bad things have happened on Friday the 13th, You don’t have to have a “false conception of causation.”  YOU can change that. YOU Sakai students can make a difference if you believe you can!

    - By Scarlett L. Oaks

    I hope I inspired you to believe.   

    Jacob decided to write about Chromebooks, their pros and cons.

    Chromebook slideshow

    Sept. 20 Dana did a Kahoot about Coho time. He needs to process and report back on his results.

    Selena wrote a comparison of Sakai and Poulsbo Elementary focused on our mascots.

    Sakai and me, by Selena

    I moved to Bainbridge Island when I was in 2nd grade.  Before that, I lived in Poulsbo and I went to Poulsbo Elementary.

    Poulsbo Elementary School has a fence with fish all over it but they are Orcas.  When I came to Bainbridge Island and finally got to go to Sakai, I saw that Sakai has a fence with fish all over it too.

    I was at Ordway from the middle of 2nd grade to 4th grade, I was so happy to finally go to Sakai! My favorite thing about Sakai was when we all studied about the Sakai salmon! But if I was going to be a fish I would totally be a salmon!  Orcas vs. Salmon. Salmon win!


    poulsbo logo Orcas                        sakai salmon    Sakai Salmon

    Sept. 27 Olivia put together a slideshow about exotic cats. She wants one. It seems to have a slim Sakai connection, but in class the students were very interested in the cats, their wildness, their cuteness, and the stories they triggered.

    Exotic cats

    Maddie wrote about our team having third lunch. It's something the students dislike, but it solved a schedule problem caused by our different specialist times.

    Maddie's lunch pros & cons

    Oct. 4 Lillian explored the manufacture of pencils. Mitchell has some info. about school uniforms, but it's not quite ready to post.

    Lillian's pencil blog

    Oct. 11 Lucy B. gave us important cake news. If you want to avoid a messy kitchen explosion, read her blog. Logan created this slideshow about the value of learning Spanish. All you world travelers should read it.

    Cake News

    Spanish at Sakai

    Oct. 18 No blogging--conferences

    Oct. 25 Dylan created a Kahoot to generate data about Halloween. Here is his report:

    Halloween blog

    I did a Halloween blog because it was really close to Halloween and I thought it would be appropriate because of the date.  


    1. What kind of candy do you like?

                  7 people voted skittles

                  7 people voted m and m’s

                 6 people voted none of the above

                 3 people voted starbursts

    2. What kind of candy do you like?

                4 people voted heath 

                3 people voted reeses

                12 people voted  twix

                 5 people voted candy corn

    3. Do you like candy in general?

                18 people voted yes

                 5 people voted no 

    4. On average how many pieces of candy do you get on Halloween?

                  5 people voted 1

                  5 people voted 10

                  4 people voted 100

                  9 people voted 500

    5. On Halloween how do you like to dress?

                  10 people voted funny 

                  4 people voted dress as yourself

                  5 people voted scary

                  4 people voted group

    I can tell that most of you will want lots of Skittles M&Ms and Twix, i can tell almost all of you love candy, you're going to get a lot of candy and lots of you are going in a funny costume.


    Abby wrote about an activity from Halloween last year.

    Thriller dance

    Nov. 1 Emma exhorts us to pick up trash. Austin did not turn in a blog.

    Emma's blog

    Nov. 8 Cascade wasn't ready. Gage did a pizza survey and presents his results in a slideshow.

    Pineapples on pizza

    Nov. 15 (Veterans' Day week) Kaitlyn and Dane did fascinating reports on special interests.

    The History of School Lunch

    Special Effects

    Nov. 22 Hawkeye wrote a report/story about the ghost of Sakai


    Many have asked the question, “Is the ghost  of Sakai real or fake.” Well, I am here to answer this question.

    The story  

    Supposedly, when Sakai was being built, an innocent ghost was traveling by, just minding his own business. The ghost floated into the building to check it out, and it was at that moment when they put on the last wall. Now you may be saying, “Why couldn’t the ghost just leave the next time the door opened?” WELL BE QUIET!!! I haven’t finished my story. The ghost had trouble finding the door, and it’s common knowledge among most people, that if a ghost stays in one spot for too long, it will be doomed to roam that area for the rest of existence.

     Now… let us head back to the present time, and I’ll explain if this ghost is real or not. First of all, there are very few pictures of this ghost out there, almost none, or probably none at all. (Mostly because it probably doesn’t exist.) According to rumors, the ghost has taken up residence in the very top floor. To be honest, I have no idea what is up there, but maybe it’s like a mansion for a ghost up there. Again, I have no idea. No one knows what the ghost looks like because ghosts only become visible if they want you to see them. There aren’t many records of the ghost doing anything to affect the school.

    I have gotten someone who claims to have seen the ghost, and that it chucked a pencil at his eye. The name of my source is Dooble, yes quite a fine name, and a reliable sounding source. Oh, and did I mention he is 70 years old and lives in a  tree by McDonalds? His roommate is a raccoon. I got a special interview with the raccoon. This is how it went. 

    ME: What are your thoughts on climate change?

    RACCOON: Hisssss! CHOMP

    ME: Ow, you’re a hungry little guy. I  think I might have rabies.

    Sooooo… yeah… That’s how it went. Now that all that is wrapped up, I need to conclude this. Hmmm… Well, I have no evidence that proves this ghost exists,  but I also don’t have any that proves it doesn't. So I guess it’s still a mystery.

    Sophie has a presentation on ballet that includes cameos by some of her Sakai classmates.

    Sophie's ballet slideshow

    Nov. 29(no blogging--Thanksgiving) 

    Dec. 6 Juliette wrote about climate change. I am going to encourage the Sakai "green team" to review it and respond.

    climate change blog

    Dec. 13 Gavin wasn't ready. Ethan B. wrote about holiday events. I hope he'll clarify his survey results.

    Christmas and Hanukkah

    Dec. 20 Joe reflected on Winter Break. Gretchen wrote about Christmas, Hanukkah, and New Years traditions.

    All About Winter Break

    Holiday Topics

    Dec. 28 (no blogging--winter break)

    Jan. 3 (no blogging--winter break)

    Jan. 10 Dylan D. didn't turn anything in. Margaret made the following presentation which included a class activity. I'd like her to add some more Sakai connection.

    Pig Latin

    Jan. 17 Amanda (hasn't turned hers in yet). Ethan R. surveyed and researched chocolate. He put his report in a slideshow.


    Jan. 24 (no blogging--conferences)  

    Jan. 31 Adrian reported on the new Blakely Elementary School.

    New Blakely

    Brad did a slideshow about Sakai's yearbook cover art controversy.

    The Papa Mole Issue

    Feb. 7 Claire (hasn't turned in her blog yet).

    Feb. 14 Maks (may move to Apr. 3) and Noah

    Noah's blog

    Feb. 21 (no blogging--mid-winter break)

    Feb. 28 Callie

    March 6 Emerson

    March 13 Chloe and Hazel

    March 20 Niko and Tommy

    March 27 Caden

    Apr. 3 Maks?

    Apr. 10 (no blogging--spring break)

    Apr. 17 Ella and Carmen

    Apr. 24  Zoe

    May 1 Kordell

    May 8 

    May 15 

    May 22 

    May 29

    June 5 Ella C.

    June 12 Annika