A fragment of the second book of the Elements of Euclid, unearthed by Grenfell and Hunt 1897 in Oxyrhynchus.  Dated 75–125 AD

Contextual Algebra

  • This course is intended for students who would learn better from a hands-on approach. This course is an interactive, context based approach to algebra concepts. It is ideal for students who are conceptual learners. Contextual Algebra teaches abstract concepts through concrete applications using real life as the platform for learning. Hands-on math labs give students the opportunity to experience concepts while making math practical and relevant. Students will be engaged in cooperative teams, working on projects, and activities that help to make math more memorable and algebra more accessible to all students with different abilities or learning styles.


    Pencil, eraser, notebook paper, occasionally graph paper, and a ruler (“straightedge”)
    Notebook including these 3 sections:
       - daily assignments
       - notes
       - warm-ups


    An inexpensive scientific calculator that can do exponents, e.g., 53


    Algebra 1, Common Core Edition, Holt McDougal


    Ch 1 – Equations
    Ch 2 – Inequalities
    Ch 3 – Functions
    Ch 4 – Linear Functions
    Ch 5 – Systems of Equations and Inequalities
    Ch 6 – Exponents and Polynomials
    Ch 7 – Factoring Polynomials
    Ch 8 – Quadratic Functions and Equations
    Ch 9 – Exponential Functions


    Chapter 10 - Data Analysis and Probability