Course Title: French 1                                        


    Teacher Name: Beth Bacon

    Teacher Email: bbacon@bisd303.org

    Phone Number: TBA

    Office Hours/When Available:
    Please email to set up a date and time


    French Textbook EntreCultures 1

    Course Description

    French 1 is a full-year (2-semester) elective. This introduction to the French language will get students talking, reading, and writing in the language. During the School Year of 2019-2020, this class will pilot the EntreCulture 1 program from Wayside Publishing

    Learning Objectives

    • Objective one: To immerse learners in meaningful, authentic contexts so that they can communicate in French. We will do this by using the language in activities, interactions, and through interaction with real-life media including videos, music, and conversation.
    • Objective two: Successful completion of this course allows students to enroll in French 2 during the following school year.

    Texts and Resources

    This course offers instruction based EntreCultures 1 from Wayside Publishing. This program uses a paper text book as well as an online FlexText interactive platform. Additional resources may be employed in the classroom and online. 

    Course Requirements/Assignment List

    Regular homework will be assigned in association with in the textbook, EntreCultures 1 from Wayside Publishing. The assignments include interactive activities such as interacting with blogs, videos, infographics, music and other real-world forms of communication. 

    This is a language course, so students are required to speak in class, interact with other students, and participate in interactive activities. Students are required to be active in learning during the class period.

    Course Calendar

    Fall Semester:

    • Cultural elements in the Francophone world
    • Identity: Express identity and preferences
    • At School: Communicate about the life of a student
    • Family: Exchange information about family and whole life

    Spring Semester:

    • Cultural elements in the Francophone world
    • Bon Appétit: Share preferences and opinions about food choices.
    • Free Time: All about leisure activities
    • Places: Describe, interpret, and discuss places in our community and the French-speaking world 

    Academic Policies and Procedures

    Academic integrity is expected according to BHS policy. All students should demonstrate respect for self and others. Here we value learning, practice integrity, and act as compassionate citizens. Breaks of academic policies shall be addressed by the teacher and if necessary brought to the attention of the administration.


    Assignments will be posted in Google Classroom. Students should check Google Classroom regularly, at least every time the class meets. The program EntreCultures 1 from Wayside Publishing  contains online assignments which include chat rooms and assignments presented for each student. 

    As an instructor, I am happy to communicate with guardians and students. I encourage you to contact me via the BISD email address: bbacon@bisd303.org. (The telephone is not preferred, as Beth Bacon will only be on campus certain days of the week.)


    French 1, like all World Language classes, calculates grades based on the final (10%), homework (15%) and everything from tests and quizzes and participation and projects (75%).

    The program we will be using, EntreCultures 1 from Wayside Publishing , evaluates performance by Formative Assessment and Summative Assessments. That means vocabulary and grammar will be evaluated in context, not by separate "vocabulary quizzes" and "verb conjugation tests.¨ Evaluations will be made by rubric which will then be converted into point-grades and letter-grades. 

    Late Work

    Due dates will be made clear for every assignment. All work is expected to be submitted on or before the date and time posted. Exceptions are made when (a) a student is ill and (b) student plans ahead of time and requests an approved extension.  

    Submitting Assignments

    Assignments will be submitted through the online EntreCultures 1 from Wayside Publishing  program.  


    Students may re-submit their work. Some of the best learning happens when corrections are made after mistakes. 

    Classroom Expectations


    Attendance is expected. Students who are excused because of extracurricular activities are responsible for making up their missed work in a timely fashion. Unexcused absences will impact a student’s participation  grade and impact their learning since mastery of a language requires regular practice. 

    Electronic Devices

    In this class, participation and concentration are important parts of learning. Personal cell phones and communication devices that are not expressly used in the lessons will be held separately at the beginning of class and returned at the end of class. Chromebooks shall only be used for academic work during class.

    Food & Drink

    Students are allowed to eat, drink, and chew gum in the class at the discretion of the instructor. Any food and drink that contributes to a distraction shall be removed. These privileges will be removed for any student that fails to contain the food, drink, or gum or creates an untidy learning environment.


    To practice speaking the language and improve pronunciation, we will be using many hands-on activities, such as dialog, role playing, singing, etc. Class activities are designed to promote learning, and unless a student has a physical or health issue, all students are required to participate in all class activities.