• Welcome to Honors Algebra!

    In this course you will have the opportunity to master all the basic skills normally covered in second year Algebra.

    However, there is much more I have planned for you! 

    Through this course, I hope for you to deepen your excitement for mathematics. Increased intellectual curiosity, passion for mathematics, and enjoyment of challenge are some of the goals of this course.  Activities are designed to expose you to many mathematical topics beyond the standard curriculum.  We’ll spend time on challenging logic problems, university level mathematics, outside-the-box thinking and more.  We’ll practice clear, disciplined thinking but also creative thinking. We will try more than one approach to solving problems and gain an appreciation of the wide variety of ways to think about problems.  I will help you grow through metacognition: awareness and understanding of one’s own thought processes or “thinking about thinking”.  The skills you master will be helpful not only in mathematics but in all intellectual pursuits.  So, get ready for a fun and challenging mental ride.  I’m really looking forward to this year and hope you are too!


    Mrs. DeLorey