• Helpful Resources

    NOTE:  If a username and password is provided, this should not be shared with non-Ordway families as we pay a yearly subscription fee.  Thank you. 



    Pebble Go

    http://www.pebblego.com/  UN: ordway  PW: otters

    Brain POP!

    http://www.brainpopjr.com/     UN: bisdordway  PW: brainpop



    Raz-Kids - Students will use this program in class and will know their logon information.




    ST Math site (JiJi)

    Website: stmath.com

    First time activation code: ORF7KJ-HTX-HD-JXG  (if needed)

    To access ST Math@Home, go to www.stmath.com/entrance.  A homework code is no longer necessary and will only take the student back to the homework screen (so even though it pops up, ignore it)

    The student will click on the homework button (lower right) and enter their 13-character picture password. 

    The first time they access homework, the student will also have to enter the name of their school.  ST Math will accept many variations of the schools name.  For example, JiJi Penguin Elementary would accept lots of different entries including "JiJi Penguin", "Penguin Elementary", and "JiJi School".
    If you have siblings at different schools  (including Sakai) they may need to triple click the school name to exit that school and enter a different school. 

    Greg Tang Math Practice - Math games that promote higher-level thinking

    Create math practice sheets.