• Curriculum Information for 1st Grade

    Here is some specific information on the curriculum our district uses for 1st grade. Of course, good instruction uses a variety of methods and materials to teach each subject, however this gives you a good basis of what is expected of first graders.

    During the 2019-2020 school year BISD will be implementing a new Language Arts Curriculum from The Center for the Collaborative Classroom (https://www.collaborativeclassroom.org/). This curriculum will be used for reading, writing and comprehension. In addition, it has a social-emotional learning component integrated throughout the lessons and texts. 

    I also use Daily 5 for skill building:
    Daily 5- Read to self, Listen to Reading, Read to Someone, Word Work, & Writing

    First grade concentrates on Sight Words/High Frequency Words. Sight words are the most common or frequent words your students will read. Many of these words cannot be read phonetically (sounded out) and therefore must be memorized. There are a few popular sight word lists. First grade uses the Dolch sight word lists because it focuses on primary grade students. 

    In first grade we focus on different aspects of writing. At the beginning of the year we focus on handwriting and basic skills like capitalization and end marks. The first grade curriculum lays the foundation to make our students amazing writers.  At the beginning of the year, we use mentor text, group writing projects, a writing journal and author's chair to explore narratives and opinion writing.  We then move into nonfiction and poetry.    

    The BISD math curriculum is MyMath by McGraw Hill. which aligns with common core standards.   1st grade students will learn the following concepts; addition and subtraction concepts, addition and subtraction strategies to 20, place value, adding/subtracting two digit numbers, data analysis (graphing), time, measurement, and geometry (2 and 3 dimensional shapes).

    ST Math - Technology Component  The main character is Jiji. The program is aligned to our class curriculum and therefore, we expect students to spend about an hour a week utilizing this program through school and home use. 

    Instructions on how to install ST Math on your home PC and/or tablet:

    ST Math site (JiJi)

    Website: stmath.com

    First time activation code: ORF7KJ-HTX-HD-JXG  (if needed)

    FOR MOBILE DEVICES ONLY:  To access ST Math@Home, go to www.stmath.com/entrance.  A homework code is no longer necessary and will only take the student back to the homework screen (so even though it pops up, ignore it)

    The student will click on the homework button (lower right) and enter their 13-character picture password.

    The first time they access homework, the student will also have to enter the name of their school.  ST Math will accept many variations of the schools name. For example, JiJi Penguin Elementary would accept lots of different entries including "JiJi Penguin", "Penguin Elementary", and "JiJi School".

    If you have siblings at different schools  (including Sakai) they may need to triple click the school name to exit that school and enter a different school.

    The BISD uses science kits. For first grade they focus on: Patterns in the Sky (sun, moon, and shadows focus) and Animals and Plants. These kits include a multitude of hands-on activities and emphasize exploration.

    Social Studies
    1st grade's social studies units focus on Community. Areas of study focus on two major areas; Families in our Community and Places in our Community. Two major components will be: 

    1. Making timelines of important dates in their lives.
    2. Visiting local places in our community and using the Junior Achievement curriculum to learn about the importance of community.