Degrees and Certifications:

B.Ph Thomas Jefferson College M.Ed University of Washington

Catherine DeLorey



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 Teaching Experience

Lots. This is my 49th year of teaching.  I still love it.  Some of my friends question my sanity! I have taught at the elementary and university levels as well but the majority of my time has been doing what I enjoy most: high school mathematics.


We moved to Bainbridge Island for the schools and lived on Sunrise Drive for 22 years.  My two children received a great education and were more than well prepared for the private colleges they attended. They grew up playing in the woods, sailing, horseback riding, and kayaking. They were involved with soccer, high school theater, hiking and Ultimate Frisbee. In 2014, I remarried.  My husband and I love modern design.  With the help of Matthew Coates, we designed and built a house on Lemolo Shore Drive in Poulsbo.

Outside Interests

My dad was an international construction engineer, so some of my childhood was spent in remote locations.  At an early age, I grew to love travel and other cultures. Jungle adventures involving crocodiles, pythons, machetes and close encounters with poisonous snakes are part of my repertoire. Here is a partial list of adventures: traveling by camel to camp out with Berbers in the Sahara Desert, the bombing of Beirut while attending boarding school, enjoying the Taj Mahal, seeing lions up close on Safari in South Africa, swimming with marine iguanas in the Galapagos Islands, horseback riding through the ancient city of Petra in Jordan and snorkeling off a remote island in Indonesia. 

I love ancient history, art and design, psychology and thinking about thinking. I am a mega reader and have lots of interests.

Distance Learning

I had experience with "distance learning" as a student.  We lived in a construction camp on the Euphrates River.  My mother needed to homeschool my sister and I for two years using the Calvert Correspondence Course.  However, since it was 1966, we didn't send our lessons in by computer.  Everything was done through the postal service!


I am always happy to hear from students or parents.  Don't hesitate to contact me with even the smallest question or concern.  Let's stay connected! My email is:

Parents, if you would like to receive a Google Classroom Guardian Summary, please send me an email requesting an invitation. Parents only need to do this for a single class and will then automatically be enrolled in all Google classes.