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Cindy Wilkins

Hi, This is my second year with BISD as a speech language pathologist, and I'm loving it even more!  A little about my background:  I graduated from Kent State University with my masters, and from there I criss crossed across the country, working in schools, Birth-3 programs and as a private contractor.  Before joining BISD, I worked for the Olympic Educational Service District, providing speech services, mostly to small school districts on the Olympic Peninsula.   

UPDATE 3/24/20

Working from home!  As soon as we get the ok, I'll be contacting families to set up therapy times and figure out how it will look!  Some of the options I've been looking into include using Zoom, emailing activities or using snail mail when I need to!  For my Blakely preschoolers, check Amy's page, I'm giving some speech/language suggestions for families there!  

Take care!

Check below here for some articulation suggestions! 



  • Suggestions for working on articulation

    1.  Play "I Spy" game with things with the target sound (the ones we had been working on in therapy!)

    2.  Cut out pictures from magazines with target sounds, glue on paper.  Play guessing game with pictures- "I'm thinking of something that hops" and take turns providing the clues/guessing.

    3.  Pick a food/dish to make together that has target sound, such as Jello for the "l" sound.