The Ways BISD Communicates


     Communicating with families and the community is important to BISD's mission. There are a number of ways you can stay informed!


    BISD uses contact information obtained from Family Access. Please make sure your contact information is up to date by logging into your Family Access account. 

    School / District Newsletters:
    • As a parent/guardian of a BISD student, you automatically receive eNews from the district office as well as eNews from your student(s) school(s)
    Emergency Alerts & Messages: 
    • We use a system called SchoolMessenger to push out time-sensitive messages such school closures. We use the system to send messages via email, phone and text.   
    • You first must OPT-IN to receive district text messages. 
    1. First log-in to your Family Access Account and click on the "My Account" link in the top right corner.
    2. Verify that your cell phone number is listed and is accurate. If not, please update it. 
    3. Using your cell phone, text Y to 67587. You will receive a reply from School Messenger saying that you are now subscribed. If you don't, please contact your cell phone carrier and request that they allow short-code messages (which is what our system uses) to push through to your phone. 



    Community Members can OPT-IN to receive text alerts from BISD by emailing your cell phone number. Once your cell phone number is entered into the system, you will receive an email response asking you to text Y to 67587. If you ever wish to OPT-OUT, please text N to 67587.
    Stay up to date with BISD happenings! Community members can subscribe to newsletters from the district office and the schools. Click here to select which news sources you would like to receive.  This is a great way for prospective families, grandparents and community members to stay informed. 


    District Newsletters:
    Click here to read past issues of our newsletter. 
    Social Media:
    BISD is social! Like our Facebook page here, our Instagram account hereand follow us on Twitter.  
    A Closer Look: 

    A Closer Look is a publication of BISD that is inserted into The Islander (a weekly newspaper mailed to each household on Bainbridge Island).
    Click here to read the Fall 2020 issue 
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    OpenBook is a publication of BISD.  It's mailed to every household on Bainbridge Island. If you didn't receive your issue, please contact the communications department at 206-780-1081. 
    Click here to read the Winter 2017 issue  
    Click here to read the Fall 2016 issue