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    This document is a day by day breakdown of our rehearsals, meetings, activities, and performances.  Please refer to the "Show Day Itineraries" page (right) for details about each competition day.

    This is a folder with the itineraries for each competition we're going to.  Please note that these documents will be updated a few weeks before each event, so there's a chance you'll stumble on last year's itineraries.  They can be helpful, but please mind the dates!
    Staff Members

    Chris Thomas, director of bands.
    Winds & Percussion

    Woodwind Specialist
    Percussion Supervisor
    Front Ensemble Coordinator
    Marching & Drill

    Visual Coach
    Visual Coach
    Visual Coach
    Color Guard

    Color Guard Supervisor
    Guard Coach 
    Drill Writer
    Student Leadership

    Drum Majors
    Caption Leaders
    Section Leaders
    Horn Line Captain
    Percussion Captain
    Guard Captain
    High Brass
    Low Brass