• Certain volunteer positions require an additional level of clearance. The following volunteers must receive cleared fingerprints prior to volunteering:

    • Volunteer Overnight Chaperones
    • Volunteer Coaches  


    • Bainbridge Island Police Department does fingerprinting Monday - Friday and appointments are required. Please call 206-842-5211 to schedule an appointment and inquire about the current fee. Checks need to be made out to the City of Bainbridge Island. An additional 3% fee will be applied if the person pays by credit card. The prints are transmitted electronically to OSPI for processing. 

    • According to OSPI, it takes up to 10 business days for electronic prints to be processed.  Ink prints require additional time to process.

    • If the person has a record, the results will be emailed or snail-mailed to our HR department.

    • If the person does not have a record they will be listed on a cleared list accessible by our HR department.

    Good to know:

    • Once a volunteer’s fingerprints are cleared, as long as the person stays active as a volunteer (meaning his or her volunteer status is renewed every two years), they will not need to re-do the fingerprinting process. This means, for example, a parent who is fingerprinted for 4th-grade Outdoor Ed and remains an active volunteer, can volunteer to be an overnight chaperone when his/her child is in say, Spartronics, in high school.