Mosaic K - 8 Teacher's Mission


    The vision of the Mosaic Home Education Partnership is to foster a community that engages in family-centered education.


    Mission Statement:

    Our mission is to support the goals of parents and students who choose to pursue their education outside the traditional classroom.

    As reflected in our program, parents and staff actively support the above-stated mission by promoting the following beliefs. We believe in the educational benefits of:

    ◦  small enrichment class sizes (optional)

    ◦  consistent one-on-one instructional time

    ◦  strong family-directed involvement in a child's education

    ◦  connections within a community of family-centered learners

    ◦  nurturing independence and confidence in children


    Our History:

    Mosaic was designed to provide educational services to homeschooling students in kindergarten through eighth grade. Originally known as the Homeschool Support Program; the program was created in 1991 through the efforts of homeschooling parents, teachers, and administrators who recognized the need to expand the educational community that the Bainbridge Island School District served, and to make public resources available to support the educational goals of families who have chosen to teach their children outside the regular classroom. In 1995, the program added a full-time parent partnership option under Washington State Alternative Learning Laws.

    To portray the evolution from a homeschool-based program to a Parent Partnership Program, the name was changed in 2010 from the Homeschool Support Program to the Mosaic Home Education Partnership. Mosaic is a partnership between families and staff. The staff provides enrichment classes taught by certified teachers. Academic advisors work closely with parents to develop academic goals and assessments, advise on curriculum choices, and offer teaching strategies.

    Parents are directly responsible for providing instruction in all academic areas during their daily home instruction time.