• Fee Waivers/Scholarships  


    Fee reductions through Free and Reduced Lunch program

    In order to receive reduced prices for sports participation and asb fees at BHS, your family may fill out a “Household Application for Free and Reduced Price Meals” form provided by Food Services (Copies also available at the BHS front desk).  Section 6 of this form offers families the opportunity to receive other benefits including reduced pricing for school fees and activities payments.  Those families who qualify for free lunch need only pay 25% of any BHS fee  (excluding Water Safety, AP Exams and field trips).  Families qualifying for reduced lunch need only pay 50% of the fees listed above (again, excluding Water Safety, AP Exams and field trips).


    If you do not qualify through the food services process but require consideration for financial aid related to sports, please email Kristen Haizlip at khaizlip@bisd303.org. 

     Rotary Bucks Program

    Students who participated in the donation phase of the 2018 Rotary Auction and directed their "Rotary Bucks" to the high school may access funds earned by clicking below to fill out the Rotary Bucks Request Form and returning it to the main office for approval. 

    BHS Accounting Office

    Contact: Sarah Spray
    Office Number 780-1255
    Email: sspray@bisd303.org