• Description of Services for Highly Capable Students at Sakai

    English Language Arts (ELA)

    • Tiered reading and writing assignments, conceptual lens frameworks for some core units, menus of choice options, book groups with reading options that meet the needs of various levels of learners, development of close reading skills- varying levels of complexity and focused on different areas of strength 
    • Various enrichment opportunities built into units

    Departmentalization at Sakai

    • Cluster grouping
      • Creates an opportunity for interaction with a like-peer group
      • Tiered lessons, station rotations, menus
      • Option to test in for advanced math options
      • Enrichment options

    Consulting about the Needs of Highly Capable Learners

      • Time to consult with HC facilitator  on-site about the characteristics and needs of Highly Capable learners. Opportunities to discuss ways to support students using a variety of strategies.



      • Math enrichment-Math Olympiad- contests during the school day, club enrichment practice before and after school
      • Makerspace-a lunch time option

    Professional Development

    • Time dedicated to supporting the creation of differentiated options that can be offered in the classroom.