• Increased truck traffic on Blakely Avenue will continue as the new Blakely School is being constructed  

    Just when we were gaining ground we ran into Snowmagedden.  We lost some time on the schedule due to slippery conditions but now that the weather is clearing, there is a lot of progress to report.   The roof at the administrative wing and gym/commons is complete and those spaces are being dried to allow for framing, drywall installation and paint.  The North classroom wing is being framed and the south classroom wing steel is being erected.  Along with construction activities on site, the Capital Projects Staff is collaborating with other departments to coordinate the technology, telecommunications systems and furniture selection. 
    Contractors may be working on Saturdays throughout February and March to take advantage of dry weather and regain lost time.
    The very important Japanese Maple tree that sat at the entrance to the existing Blakely School was moved by Big Trees on Feb 22nd in collaboration with Capital Projects, Forma Construction and Olaf Robiero and the Tree Team and is located in its new location on the construction site.  It will be surrounded by temporary fencing for protection during construction.  
    October was spent trying to make up for lost time due to the operators strike so you will see some contractors working on Saturday.
    Most of the concrete slabs have been poured. 
    Steel is being erected and you will start to see how the building will sit on the site and follow the natural topography of the site.  
    Quadrant C, the administrative wing, has a temporary roof on, water barrier applied and interior framing delineating the individual rooms. 
    The union reached a tentative agreement and Local 302 operators were able to return to work on Sept 7, 2018.  The contractor is evaluating the schedule to understand the impact the strike may have had.  
    You may have noticed less activity on site around mid-August.....
    The International Union of Operating Engineers Local 302 has gone on strike. This is impacting the project as an array of construction workers including engineers, crane operators, mechanics, surveyors, concrete pumpers, pavers and hoisting and material handlers and other heavy equipment operators will not be on site unti the strike is resolved. This is occurring at a critical time in our project and Forma is doing as much as they can without the operators but the schedule is being impacted.   
    • Steel is being erected, welded and the building is starting to take shape in the administrative wing and gym/commons.  
    • The large X shaped steel is called a brace frame.  There will be several in the building, some hidden in walls and some exposed. They are a distinctive element of the design. 
    • Formwork at the building 'spine' or main entry/corridor is stepping up the hill.  The spine will have exposed concrete walls so the contractor is taking extra care with the formwork and pour.  The exposed concrete will be treated to give it a polished look.
    • The most noticeable change on site is the entry drive clearing across from Baker Hill Rd.  Placing the entry drive in alignment with Baker Hill Rd was a request of the City of Bainbridge Island to ease postential traffic congestion.  Some trees had to be removed but will be replaced with new trees at other locations on site.  
    • The stormwater detention vault has been back filled and covered and will act as a lay-down area for storing materials.
    • Underground work continues, bringing the utilities throughout the site.
    • Building footings are being framed, rebar installed and concrete poured. 
    • Vapor barrier and rebar are being set and building floor slabs being poured.
    • Steel is being delivered to the site. 
    • Sunshine continues!   The dry weather has helped the crew continue excavation and grading throughout June with no weather delays. 
    • Form work for building footings are being erected.  Concrete pours are scheduled to occur at least once every week. 
    • Clearing and preparation for the slab on grade concrete pour in quadrant A-the commons and gymnasium, is in process.
    • The storm water detention vault hollow core plank lids have been lifted into place and will be caulked.
    • Steel is being fabricated and welded off site.
    • The District's construction materials testing consultant CTL is traveling to the supplier's shop for inspection of the steel components and welding.
    • The Value Engineering process with Forma Construction is ongoing.  The current value is deductive change order 02 with values identified through 5-22-18 equaling (-638,171.00) which was presented and approved by the school board at the May 31, 2018 meeting.  
    • Site work is ongoing.  The water line and propane line have been connected and the telecommunication conduit has been routed.  Work in progress includes excavation throughout the site and formwork for foundations in quadrant A-commons/gymnasium. 
    • There were no weather related delays during the month of May. 
    • The possibility of steel tariffs has already impacted the price and availability of steel. 
    • The BISD school board reviewed and approved the maximum actual construction cost and final guaranteed maximum price of the project.
    • The construction limits are fenced, staff parking is revised.  The student temporary play area has been fenced and the temporary playground access stair is complete. Site work and excavation are ongoing.  The large stormwater vault is dug and the concrete floor and walls are being poured.  Completing the stormwater vault early in the project will allow it to be used to contain the stormwater during construction and will avoid having to build or rent temporary storm management systems during construction.  
    • Blakely students, staff and administration participated in an official Groundbreaking on Friday, April 23.  Bainbridge Island School District board members, administration and representatives from Mithun (Architect) and Forma (Contractors) came to celebrate the event.
    • Bid Packages #2 & #3 were opened on March 27 & 28th.  Bids are being reviewed. 
    • Board Meeting Presentation 02.08.18 to review Blakely Elementary Replacement costs associated with Bid Package #1.  Board approves Bid Package #1 on February 08, 2018.
    • Forma Construction mobilizes on site and Titan Earth Work begins excavation. 
    • Bid Package #1 including civil, structural and elevator is scheduled for opening on February 1, 2018.
    • Five Civil Contractors confirm intent to submit bids.
    • Two "model" classrooms of furniture are set up as pilot rooms.
    • Planning and design meetings are ongoing.  Technology, Audio Visual, Interior Design and Telecommumications are current focus.
    • On site meetings with BISD Project Manager, Forma, Mithun and Principal Ande, is held to review upcoming construction impacts to site access, parking and play areas.
    • Double-wide portable located at Blakely will be moved in February to clear the way for construction.  Portable to be moved to Commodore School.
    • The Hearing Examiner's report is received December 4th, and is under review by BISD.
    • 90% Complete Construction Documents are delivered by the Blakely design team and are under review by BISD and General Contractor Construction Manager (GCCM)|FORMA Construction.
    • FORMA and BISD are developing the bid package schedule. 
    • Conditional Use Permit (CUP) and Building Permit reviews are ongoing.  Capital Projects staff meet bi-weekly with CoBI to review documents.
    • Hearing before Examiner, Stafford Smith, is held at CoBI November 22nd.  A formal decision is to be made in December.
    • Construction document worshops held with school staff over a three week period to refine casework, library, auxiliary space and administrative offices
    • Existing site conditions are being analyzed.  The project Arborist is reviewing construction impacts to trees.  A construciton phasing plan is under development.
    • A new location for one of the double-wide portables on the Blakely site is under consideration. 
    • Permit construction documents (CDs) submitted to CoBI on October 10th.
    • Special Planning Commission Meeting at CoBI to review the Blakely project scheduled for review October 18th.
    • Second Planning Commission Meeting at CoBI to review final Habitat Management Plan (HMP) final addendum on October 26th.  HMP is approved.  
    • Meetings scheduled with Blakely staff to review final design details for CDs.
    • Security discussions took place with Mithun, ARUP, Blakley Principal and Capital Projects staff.
    • Permit pre-application meeting held with Kitsap Public Health Department.
    • BISD Food Service Supervisor reviews and offers feedback on kitchen equipment and layout designs.
    • The CoBI Design Review Board reviews documents and gives unanimous approval for project design.  Blakely Design Review Board Presentation
    • Coordination meeting with Kitsap Public Utilities Department was held on September 11th.
    • Plumbing fixtures under review by BISD Maintenance Department.
    • Habitat Management Plan revisions underway.
    • City of Bainbride Island (CoBI) and Mithun met to discuss application dates and permit requirements.
    • An introductory commissioning meeting took place on August 29th.
    • Sewer participation fees have increased.
    • Commissioning workshop held with architect, engineer consultants and commissioning agents.
    • FORMA (Contractor) and Robinson Co. (Cost Estimators)  have completed their independent cost estimates of 100% Design Development documents. Mithun (Architect), FORMA, Robinson Co. and BISD reconcile cost estimates.
    • PSE will be installing two miles of underground distribution feeder cable along Blakely Ave. NE between Bucklin Hill Road and NE Oddfellows Road. This will improve circuit switching ability and protect cables from wind and tree related outages, improving reliability.
    • A 300' test well was installed in the upper field to establish a basis of design for a ground source heat exchange system
    • 100% Design Development documents and cost estimates were presented to the BISD Board on 07.27.17. Presentation
    • Mithun completes Design Development on schedule.
    • Contractor and Robinson Co. are working on independent cost estimates which will be reconciled for presentation to the board in July as the Design Development budget.
    • SEPA is in the process of identifying and analyzing potential environmental impacts to the site.
    • The District works closely with CoBI to manage complexities and costs associated with code compliance and required Habitat Management Plan (HMP) and wetland buffer mitigation.
    • Board report and Blakely Update Presentation on 06.29.17 - Critical Issues are management of construction escalation which require continued design modifications and market vigilance.
    • BISD and Mithun continue to work closely with CoBI to expedite a "Grade and Fill" permit for early site work in summer.  Work to include moving water, sewer, storm sewer and propane.
    • Site preparation and removal of three portables (one portable to remain for contractor) from site.
    • Mithun works closely with FORMA Construction to manage continued cost escalation.
    • State Environmental Policy Act (SEPA) process of identifying and analyzing potential environmental impacts on the site continue.
    • Raedeke Associates begins preparations of a Wetland Mitigation and Habitat Management Plan for the Conditional Use Permit (CUP) process.
    • Design Development at 50%.
    • Three user group workshops conducted with Blakely staff to provide input into casework, classroom organization, storage access and equipment needs.
    • Team meeting with Technology and Maintenance to review security, AV, acoustics and mechanical systems.
    • State Environmental Policy Act and Conditional Use Permit applications submitted.
    • Design Development is underway.
    • Pre-application package submitted to CoBI.
    • Raedeke Associates contracted to perform wetland delineation.
    • Geo Loop Tec contracted to perform geothermal test borings to establish well depth and conductivity and location of wells.
    • Mithun Architects contract is complete
    • Schematic Design complete and under review by the BISD, sub consultants, contractor and consultants.
    • Schematic Design construction estimate preparation by Robinson Co. and FORMA Construction.
    • GCCM contractor selection process begins including three phases:
      1. Request for Proposal
      2. Short list interviews
      3. Request for Final Proposal
    • Selection committee approves FORMA as GCCM contractor for Blakely Elementary School replacement.
    • State application is complete.
    • Geotechnical site work performed by Aspect Consulting and High Meadows Excavating.
    • Pre-demolotion hazardous material inspections are complete.
    • Schematic Design in progress. 
    • Adam Goldsworthy & Oak conduct complete site survey.
    • Aspect Consulting is contracted with to perform geo-technical work for the site.  
    • Educational Specifications are completed.
    • Pre-construction and pre-application meetings held with Mithun, District and City staff to establish collaborative working relationship.
    • BISD Board approves Architect Selection Committee's recommendation of Mithun as architect for the new Blakely Elementary School replacement project.