Analyzing the Modern World

Jabal al-Qal'a, the old citadel of Amman, Jordan
  • Welcome to Analyzing the Modern World!

    This required 9th grade course examines a non-Western region of the world and how it has been impacted by interaction with the West.  The Middle East is the current case study for the course.

    Our units of study:

    • Geographic Introduction and Media Literacy
    • Islam
    • European Imperialism
    • Formation of Israel
    • Resources and US involvement
    • Current Issues research and Round Table Discussion

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    There are no required materials for this course.  You will need to take and keep notes and store reading handouts, but this does not require any specific format of folder or notebook.  Your organization is according to your own preference and is your responsibility.

    Please bring a charged Chromebook to class every day.  Note that mobile phone use is not permitted in my class.  If you do choose to bring your phone to school, I will require that you store it in the assigned location in the box at the start of class.  The safest place for your phone is at home.  Parents who need to contact their students in an emergency can call the school office at (206) 842-2634.

    For more information, you can view the current syllabus at this link.

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