Here is what your child’s day will look like in room 104. 






    7:50 - 8:00

    Reading to self

    7:50 - 8:00

    Reading to Listeners

    8:00 - 8:15

    Class Meeting/ Open Circle

    8:00 - 8:20

    Morning Meeting









    9:30 - 10:40

    Science / Social Studies

    Extra PE (rotation A)



    Extra PE (rotation A)


    Lunch / Recess

    10:40 - 11:40

    Lunch / Recess


    Number Talks / Rich Math tasks



    T- Stem  W -Art   TH- PE      F-Music


    Reading Buddies


    Calendar & Math






    Community / choice time/computer









    The First Two Weeks of School

    We will be spending the first few days of school establishing routines and building our classroom community.  I will be giving some baseline assessments to determine where students are in their learning so as to be able to differentiate their instruction.  


    Homework consists of reading independently from their A to Z reader that is at their appropriate reading level. Students will have a clear folder coming home daily which may have important notes, additional homework, and graded work inside.  Please send important notes, any money or correspondences back to school in the same clear folder. More information to follow at Parent Night.

    Student of the Week

    After Parent Night, we will be having a student of the week.  Names will be chosen at random and a poster will be sent home on Friday for the student to work on. (I will have been Student of the Week to model the expectation.) The poster needs to be returned the following Tuesday.  The Student of the Week will present their poster on Tuesday and Wednesday.  On Thursday, the student will need to bring in or choose from the library, a book to be read to the class (or they may read it if they choose).  On Friday, they may bring in something to share.  This may be a favorite toy, award, something special or even a person.  They will then draw a name to determine next week's Student of the Week.


    We love celebrations!  We will be celebrating each child’s birthday on their special day or on the Friday before their birthday should it fall on the weekend.  We will be celebrating summer birthdays on their half birthday so as to not leave anyone out.  Birthday students are welcome to bring in a non food item treat to share at this time (we currently have 20 students).


    Expectations for Behavior in the Classroom

    We will be constantly emphasizing four expectations in our classroom: be respectful, be positive, be responsible, and be safe.  If a student has difficulty with behavior, they will be given a reminder first.  If the behavior  continues, they will be asked to leave the group for a short time to regroup and reflect on the situation. Chronic problems or severe misbehavior will be handled with more specific consequences.  I will contact parents immediately if their child is having substantial behavior problems at school.  


    Water Bottles

    Children are encouraged to bring water bottles to have at their tables.  This alleviates long lines at the drinking fountain which results in lost teaching time.  All I ask is that bottles are spill proof and have a lid that closes. 

    Student Dismissal

    I will be walking students out for dismissal from our classroom door that is facing the parking lot.  Students who ride a bus will be escorted to their appropriate bus. If your child is being picked up, they will meet you at the white benches on the south side of the school.  Please make sure I make eye contact with you before you take your child. If your child walks home with an older sibling, please have your older child check in with me before leaving Ordway.

    ***If your child's first day pick up is different than the rest of the year, please let me know by either filling out the change of pick up form at school on Sept. 4th or send me an email.

    Looking forward to meeting everyone at Parent Night on September 12th!  Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns you may have.