• Señora Láhtinen’s Classroom Rules & Expectations

    Hours: 8:15 – 3:30 (M-F) • Room 234 • 206-780-1363 • plahtinen@bisd303.org

    Por favor, call me Señora or Profesora.

    ¡Bienvenid@! I hope you will find this class both enjoyable and challenging. You can count on a rigorous and creative atmosphere in which to learn. Maintaining a good attitude, cultivating a spirit of cooperation, working diligently, and putting forth your best effort will guarantee success both in the classroom and in your overall work.

    What you are expected to learn

    You are expected to acquire, to the best of your ability, knowledge of the oral and written skills related to the study of Spanish with emphasis on the various cultures of the Spanish-speaking world, here at home as well as abroad. Reading, writing, speaking and listening skills will be developed and refined as a result of this course, and will help you connect this new knowledge to other disciplines.

    My expectations

    Be kind, courteous and polite. We are all here to work together harmoniously. We are learning new things and it can be fast-paced and difficult. Practice patience, trust, compassion, and forgiveness, with yourself, with me, and with everyone at school. We all want you to succeed!

    Come to every class on time. In order to gain language skills, it is very important to practice daily and attend every class. Class begins once the bell rings. Tardies are sometimes unavoidable, so each student will be allowed two tardies for the semester without penalty. Additional unexcused tardies will result in you having detention.

    We will have homework most class days and a quiz every week or two and a chapter or unit test every 3-4 weeks. We will work hard and fast, so come to every class. All absences must be excused. You are allowed to make up missed work (including quizzes and exams) only for excused absences.  You will have as many days as you were absent to make up the work. Missed tests must be made up within five school days, preferably before or after school.

    Come prepared. The following are required materials for the class:

    • Fully-charged Chromebook (provided by BISD)
    • 3-ring binder, pencils, colored pens, highlighter, and 3-hole punched loose-leaf lined paper
    • composition notebook or spiral-bound notebook
    • planner (one will be provided by BHS)

    Do all of your homework. I will assign homework most days (equivalent to about 90-120 minutes per week) which will be due at the beginning of class on its due date. I will announce homework (tarea) in class and I will post it in Google Classroom and on my school website. 

    Most homework will be assigned and submitted via the EntreCulturas Learning Site online. You will be allowed multiple attempts to do the work to reach the minimum 70% accuracy threshold. I will not accept partial or late work unless you have made other arrangements with me. Weekly homework completion rates of less than 70% will earn you an opportunity to catch up during Makeup Monday sessions for which you will need to make your own transportation arrangements home.

    Written work should be written in complete sentences with correct spelling (including accents) and punctuation, and should have a heading (name, date, period, assignment). Rarely, some assignments may need to be downloaded and printed at home or at the library. 

    Check Google Classroom often. While I assign homework on Google Classroom, I do NOT collect student work on Google Classroom. I prefer printed copies of work when required. Students, however, should click on “Turn In” on Google Classroom when they have completed the work so that it does not show up as late.

    If your parents or guardians would like to receive a daily or weekly summary of our work in class, via Google Classroom, please have them email me (plahtinen@bisd303.org) with your name and period and Google Classroom in the subject line.

    Be present and focused while in class. Eat, check your cell phone, and use the restroom before or after class. You may bring a water bottle to class, but leave your gum at home and store your hat and toys in your backpack. Place your cell phone in the cell phone caddy in the front of the classroom at the beginning of each class. I will use it to take attendance. Other arrangements can be made if you do not have a cell phone or do not bring it to school. Unauthorized cell phone use will result in confiscation of your cell phone which you will then retrieve from a school administrator at the end of the school day. Please read the BHS Cell Phone Policy at the end of this document and linked separately on this website.

    If you need to use the restroom during class time, please ask, “¿Me permite ir al baño?”  Only one student may be excused at a time, so be courteous to your classmates and make your bathroom break as brief as possible. At the end of class you may leave when I dismiss you.

    Speak Spanish. The best way to learn another language is to use it! Watch TV and movies in Spanish in your spare time. While in class, you are expected to use as much Spanish as possible when communicating with me and your classmates. Excessive use of English will lower your classroom participation grade.

    Ask for help when you need it. I am available before and after school most days and by appointment.

    Be honest.  Friends, parents, tutors, and electronic aids are great helpers, but your work should be your own. You are the only one taking your quizzes and exams.  Signing this form will indicate that you have read and agree to the BHS Academic Honesty Policy and Procedures document found on my school website.

    Act quickly, calmly, and safely during emergencies and drills. When we have a fire or emergency evacuation drill, we will leave the classroom immediately. Walking two by two we will turn right upon exiting the classroom and proceed down the stairs adjacent to the library and exit the building to the right. You will meet your advisor on the track and will stand in a single line in alphabetical order in your lane awaiting further instructions.

    For all other drills and emergencies, follow my directions.

    School and World Language Department Policies

    Spanish Department Grading Scale: Each assignment is given a point value and then weighted as shown in the following table. There is one piece of extra credit available each chapter. Pay attention to find out what it is. Except for the rare, most extreme cases, there are no test retakes. However, for students in Spanish 1 only, who earn less than 70% on their exams, test editing is available for one week only following an exam and must occur before or after school. Spanish 1 students who earn 70% or more on their exams may edit their exams for up to three additional points.  During 2nd semester, Spanish 1 students can edit their exams for up to 2 points more or 68%. There is no rounding up of grades at the end of a semester. A final semester grade of 92.9 will be an A-.

    Grading Scale

    93-100     A

    90-92       A-

    87-89       B+

    83 – 86    B

    80 – 82    B-

    77 – 79    C+

    73 – 76    C

    70 – 72    C-

    67 – 69    D+

    60 – 66    D

    59.9 - 0    F

    Written and Oral Assessments, Participation and Projects: 75%

    This category includes all evidence of student learning, including tests, quizzes, participation, projects, and presentations.

    Daily Homework/Classwork: 15%

    This category assesses work completion.

    Final Exam: 10%

    This category reflects a student’s growth in the course learning targets over the entire semester.

    Please sign this form, then share it with your parents and have them sign it. It is due back to class no later than Thursday, September 12, 2019. After I have checked it in as homework, you will keep it in your binder for future reference.

    I have read this information and agree to abide by these classroom rules and expectations.

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    **I encourage all parents and guardians to attend the Open House on Thursday, October 3, 2019. Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions or concerns.**