• Odyssey Performance Dates:

    ODY 7/8 @ Rotary Club of Bainbridge, Monday, September 23rd, 6:00pm

    ODY 7/8 @ BSF Auction Dinner/Fundraiser, Saturday, February 8, 5:30pm

    ODY 3/4 B-Emma-Music classroom parent visit, Tuesday, April 28th, 9:00am

    ODY 3/4 A-Serena-Music classroom parent visit, Wednesday, April 29th, 9:00am

    ODY 1/2 A-Margretta* and B-Anne**-Music classroom parent visit, Thurs, May 21, 9am* & 10am**

    ODY Kinder-Music classroom parent visit, Monday, June 1, 8:20am

    COS Arts Night & Odyssey 5th-8th grade Marimba Night on the lawn,Wed, Jun 3, 6:30pm