• Geometry Syllabus                                                    

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    Course info:

    Course Description
    Why do so many structures, buildings, and bridges use triangles in their framework?
    This is course is designed for students who have passed Algebra 1, or have completed a comparable course. Besides answering the question above, this course will provide an in-depth study of all topics essential to the study of high school level Geometry. Students will still learn about lines, angles, shapes, and their properties, including identifying, classifying, recognizing patterns, and of course linear,
    2 dimensional, and 3 dimensional measurement. In addition, high school level study includes focusing on building a mathematical system of definitions, postulates, and theorems, and using deductive reasoning. We will also cover basic coordinate geometry and basic trigonometry.

    Online text - GEOMETRY-HOLT McDOUGAL-COMMON CORE EDITION ISBN 978-0-547-64709-8

    Directions to log on to your on-line book:

    If you are logged into your frogrock account, go to www.bisd303.org/holt and you will be taken to your individual Holt account with no password needed. You might want to bookmark this link.

    Chapter 1 – Foundations for Geometry
    Chapter 2 – Geometric Reasoning
    Chapter 3 – Parallel and Perpendicular Lines
    Chapter 4 – Triangle Congruence
    Chapter 5 – Properties and Attributes of Triangles
    Chapter 6 – Polygons and Quadrilaterals
    Chapter 7 – Similarity
    Chapter 8 – Right Triangles and Trigonometry
    Chapter 10 – Extending Perimeter, Circumference and Area
    Chapter 11 – Spatial Reasoning
    Chapter 12 – Circles

    Chapter 9 – Extending Transformational Geometry
    Chapter 13 - Probability

    Other Resources
    In addition to myself and the textbook, it is strongly recommended to look at what the web has to offer; documents, videos, etc., for review and a different perspective which many times is helpful.

    Graphing calculator: A basic scientific with trig functions is required. If looking to purchase, a TI-84 Plus CE is highly recommended. You will need it for future courses. Buy once for all of high school and beyond.

    In addition to a calculator, a ruler, compass, and protractor are needed for constructions on some assignments and assessments. 

    Academic Honesty:
    You are expected to conduct yourself with academic integrity. Refer to school handbook for specifics.

    Tests and Final 60% 
    Quizzes 20% 
    Assignments 20%

    Assignment will be from the book, board work, and worksheets.
    In class assignments due same period and/or homework due beginning of next class; may or may not be collected; vary in points. Write section, page, and problems. Should have steps and circled answer. Any problem that requires a formula, should have general formula stated first, appropriate substitution then proceed to answer.

    Formal Assessments:
    Quizzes: Individual or group, vary in points
    Tests: At end of each unit or chapter; usually 100 pts
    Final: Final given at end, cumulative; 150 pts
    No retakes on quizzes, tests, and final. Makeups may be a different version, scope, and length.

    Makeups (excused):
    Must be done within one week and arranged. If not you will be scheduled for Monday makeup day.

    Every student is an important member of this class. You are expected to actively participate, stay engaged, and discuss ideas. You will need to apply knowledge and move beyond rote understandings. 

    Be respectful of people and people's stuff. Be academically responsible.

    You are expected to be in class. If you are absent, it is your responsibility to find out what was missed and pickup materials. If assignment in out of book, unless you come in for clarification or help, I assume you are learning the material on your own and would expect for you to turn in the new assignment and old assignment next class.

    Electronic Devices:
    There will be times in class where you are allowed to use your Chromebook and/or phone for educational purposes; otherwise, cell phone/Chromebook will be taken away with increasing consequences.

    For this class, they need to be placed in the phone caddy when not in use.

    Food and Drink:
    Water and a snack are allowed in class. You are not allowed to come in class and eat lunch because you ran out of time going to get lunch.

    Leaving Class:
    For your safety, you are expected to let me know if you are leaving class for a sporting event, appointment outside of school (should have slip from attendance office), see counselor, see the nurse, or going to the bathroom. There will be a sign out sheet for this class.

    Use the bathroom before the bell rings. If a student gets to class before the bell rings, they may use the bathroom and they will not be marked tardy ONLY IF ​they let the teacher know where they are going.  Once class has started, a student must sign out. Only one student allowed at a time.