Eagle Harbor Student Supply List 2019-2020

    All students need basic supplies: paper, pencils, pens, erasers, binder, markers, hi-liters.

    A proposal: We are going even greener! Every student bring their own fork and spoon, to keep in
    their locker or in their backpack. They may also want to bring a bowl and cup if they didn’t do
    so this past school year. (requirement this year) They have access to our kitchen sink and dish
    soap to clean their items.

    EHHS Needs: Kleenex, small container of hand sanitizer, cleaning wipes (not Clorox please), box of
    granola bars (half for our emergency prep, other half will be used in the snack station), printer

    Study Skills:

    -1 ½ inch binder (freshmen and new students only-this will not leave the room)

    -Page protectors (freshmen and new

    students only)

    -Pkg of 3 x 5 cards


    -Please make a check out to PTSO for ($8 Geometry) or ($5 Algebra 1 or Algebra 2) with a note on it
    for Math supplies. We will be ordering graph paper spiral notebooks and good compasses for the
    students, (we can order in bulk and get what is needed, so they last all year)

    -Dry erase markers

    -Pkg of 4 x 6 cards

    -Graphing Calculator (A MUST for all Alg-Geo-Alg 2 students)


    -1” binder with dividers (just for Science)


    -1 inch binder(just for English)

    -1 pkg Loose Leaf Notebook Paper