• August 20, 2021

    Dear Parents, 

    Welcome back to school!  We are so excited to start a new school year.  Each year, staff does different professional development (PD) over the summer to hone our skills.  This year has been no different.  Most of our PD has centered around technology tools to enhance the continuous learning environment for better connections with students, better communication home, and better consistency across classes to help you all navigate the continuous learning environment.  We are taking a fresh look at our curriculum, rediscovering why we love teaching the subjects we do and finding a renewed joy in fresh teaching ideas.  Whether we are continuous learning remotely or hybrid teaching this year, we cannot wait to see your students.  

    Our Student Leadership Team is planning something special for our new and returning students and we are making our Online Classrooms all shiny as we prepare for the first day.  As we prepare, we know you are also wanting to prepare.  You will be getting more guidance from Tricia, our Principal surrounding schedules, picking up technology, and getting prepared to attend remotely the first day.  There are documents being prepared now to support your technology needs and how to get remote tech support.

    There are a few tried and true rituals that all students go through each August.  One of those is creating their study space for homework.  Find a nice, reasonably quiet place and stock it with all of your school supplies.  That leads us to the next ritual.  Time to buy school supplies!!! Yay!   We will be creating what we call Care Packages that have some items in them your student will need, eg. textbooks, something special, Handbooks, etc. You will get information on how and when to pick those up.  However, there are still individual supplies you will need.  That list is below.  You will also find it on the EHHS website.  The final ritual is a Back To School outfit.  Whether you plan to buy one, make one, or just get creative in your own closet, there is nothing like the feeling of a back to school outfit the first day of school.  Remember we only see the top half online, but please be fully dressed.  We already have our outfits picked out and can’t wait for you to see them. 

    A new ritual you now have is prepping your technology. Please complete the following before the first day of school. 

    1. Charge and clean your chromebook.
    2. Turn it on and give it a chance to update the Chrome Browser.
    3. Log in to your frogrock email account and clean out anything from before June 15th.  You won’t need it.
    4. If you have forgotten your login and password, email Denise.  dcorso@bisd303.org so she can reset it for you.
    5. Your Skyward schedule is NOT ready yet, but you can log in and check for messages and make sure you remember your login and password.  
    6. If you are new to the district, information will come out soon on how you can get your chromebook and when. 

    Please complete this Google Form so we can help support your student’s learning. 

    Learning Support Survey

    We are all looking forward to seeing you on September 2nd.  Monitor your email.  More information will be arriving soon. 

                                              Your EHHS Team

    2021-2022 EHHS Schools Supplies

    This list has the supplies you will need to purchase in order to be successful at EHHS this year. This is not separated by teacher, rather it is a complete list from all of your teachers.

    At home: 

    2 folders with three metal prongs and two pockets

    1 package of whiteboard markers (blue or black)

    1 package of highlighters 

    1 clear ruler

    1 package of pens

    1 package of pencils

    1 protractor (geometry class only)

    1 compass (geometry class only)

    1 package of 3x5 notecards 

    1 graphing calculator (TI 83 or 84) (algebra 1, geometry, algebra 2)

    When we come back to the building: 

    2 binders (1inch; English / Science)

    2 packages of dividers (English / Science)

    1 package of loose leaf paper