• Dear Families:                                                                                                  

    I am very excited to have your child in our class and look forward to a wonderful year together.  Please take a minute to read through this letter for an explanation of a few of our classroom guidelines.  

    The First Two Weeks of School
    We will spend the first few days of school helping students get to know one another and become comfortable with various classroom routines.  One of my goals is to help students become independent workers, so students are learning how to organize their day.  During this time we will emphasize the skills of completing work independently and putting materials away.  As students learn to work on their own, this will increase my ability to meet with small groups of students and to help students progress at their own pace.

    Take Home Folders
    Boomarang folders will go home each afternoon and should be returned each morning.  These folders will carry unfinished work, notes to you, papers/forms from school, finished work and other assignments.  Although these folders will sometimes be empty, your involvement and help in establishing this routine will have a tremendous impact on your child’s learning.  It’s great to designate a place where your child can put his/her folder each afternoon when coming home from school.

    Homework consists of reading independently for 20-30 minutes each night.  Students may also practice their spelling words and catch up on Jiji.  Math homework may be given to students who are having difficulty mastering the day's concept.  Please check your child's BOOMARANG folder daily, as this is to be returned the next day.  If there is no math sheet, your child is on target for the next day's lesson.

    We love celebrations!  To make sure each child has a chance to celebrate their birthday at school we will sponsor a monthly birthday party for students.  If your child would like to celebrate their birthday with their classmates, they are welcome to do so.  In the past, children have brought some type of treat to share.  We’ll begin our celebrations at the end of September and continue planning them on the last Friday of each month.  For those students with summer birthdays, we’ll plan our celebration before we break for summer.  Please be cautious of allergies and send only nut-free snacks.

    Expectations for Behavior in the Classroom
    We will constantly emphasize four expectations in our classroom;  be respectful, be positive, be responsible, and be safe.  In addition to these expectations, we will help students learn to become increasingly independent as the year progresses.  Students who show independent work habits will be able to be “teaching assistants” for other students in our room.  They will also have opportunities to use special materials, have the privilege of delivering messages to the office, and so on.  My goal is for ALL students to become independent learners.  If a student has difficulty with behavior, they will be asked to leave the group for a few minutes while they reflect on the situation.  Usually, students are able to problem-solve during this time.  Chronic problems or severe misbehavior will be handled with more specific consequences.  I will let parents know immediately if a student is having severe problems with behavior at school.

    Snack and Water Bottles
    Please provide a healthy snack for your child.  A snack can help increase a child’s energy level and attention span.  Each child is responsible for his/her own daily snack.  We do not share snacks.  Snacks need to be able to be picked up with fingers - no spoons please and water bottles (water only)  are encouraged to be placed on their desks.

    I enjoy parent volunteers in the classroom and generally use volunteers during reading, math, and science.  I will put together a sign-up sheet near the end of September.  During the first month of school, we are focused on building our classroom community and routines.  Once we have established that, then we will be ready to welcome volunteers into our room.

    You can contact me via email at afehrenbacher@bisd303.org.  I typically will reply within 24 hours. If you are contacting me about a last-minute change in your child’s transportation please know that I am not always able to check my email near the end of the day.  It is better to contact the office so they can send a note to your child.

    Watch for more information to follow over the next week as we settle into our routines.  Please feel free to contact me with any questions!


    Anna Fehrenbacher