Capital Projects & Facilities 

  • Blakely: History and Milestones of Cost Projections 2015-2018


    November 2015

    $26,291,948 - Robinson Co. Master Plan Construction Cost Estimate filed in support of the Blakely Elementary Replacement project portion of the $81.2M 2016 Bond request. 
    February 2016
    $26,291,948 - Construction Cost Estimate for Blakely Elementary Replacement approved by voters by a supermajority.
    April 2016
    Mithun is brought on as project architect.  Educational Specifications programming begins.
    Summer 2016
    Schematic Design begins.
    October 2016
    $26,567,387 – Revised Construction Cost Estimate from Robinson Co. to reflect increased escalation in market to date.
    $27,818,313 – Revised Construction Cost Estimate from Robinson Co. to address increased program (65,150 sq ft increased to 68,000 sq ft) from the Educational Specification process.  
    November 2016
    FORMA Construction is brought on as General Contractor|Construction Manager (GC|CM).
    FORMA applies Cost Modeling to two Schematic Design options to take a sample of current design and market conditions. Value Engineering (opportunities to reduce the cost of construction) conversations begin.

    1. $35,689,716 Courtyards
    2. $33,144,774 Watersheds

    February 2017

    $32,175,614 - Schematic Design approved by the BISD Board.  Schematic Design cost estimate has increased due to market pressure in the $30M-$40M public school construction bid market.  Budget Control Log reflects ongoing Value Engineering strategies (cost reductions). 

    May 2017 (snapshot in time)

    $35,579,386 (construction cost) - Due to unprecedented pressure on the construction bid market, and recent school bid results, the district directs FORMA Construction to provide a snapshot in time, 50% Design Development (DD) Trending Budget Control Log.  The district continues to work with the Architect and Contractor to find opportunities to reduce the cost of construction through Value Engineering. 

    Due to unprecedented market conditions, the district determined an independent Peer Review (expert critique) of Design Development documents would be beneficial.  Parametrix Consultants is hired to perform this review.  This review identified several opportunities for cost reductions (Value Engineering).  At the same time, the district, Mithun Architects and FORMA Construction are working in partnership to continue identifying opportunities for cost reductions (Value Engineering).

    June 2017

    100% Design Development documents are delivered to FORMA and Robinson Co. for cost estimating.  Contractor and cost estimators develop costs for board review.   DD package and cost estimates will be brought before the BISD Board July 27th.

    July 2017

    $31,818,615 (construction cost) - Design team prepares responses to Parametrix Consultants' suggestions from the 50% Design Development Peer Review (May 2017).  Parametrix and the design team identified similar opportunities for cost reductions ($3.7M). 
    100% Design Development documents, Cost Estimates and a Budget Progression are presented to the BISD Board on July 27th, 2017, and approved.
    Final costs will be determined at the time of Construction Document completion.  
    February 2018
    Bid Package #1 (Civil and Structural) low bid came in $8,138,022.
    March 2018
    Bid Package #2 (Includes Demo, Roofing, Glazing & Storefronts, Hardware, Carpentry, Site Concrete, ETC.)
    Low bids equal to $19.9 mil.  
    May 2018
    Value Engineering efforts result in a deductive change order processed in the amount of -$638,171.