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    Summer 2018 Commodore Options Program Improvements 
    • Teachers are preparing for the reorganization of Odyssey programs to accommodate additional classroom spaces for grades 1-4 in response to the State's kindergarten - grade 3 classroom reduction mandate and a new kindergarten program. 
    • In partnership with the BISD Facilities and Operations Departments work will include abatement and improvements in the administrative wing, bathroom remodels and carpet and flooring replacement.   


    March 30, 2017

    The BISD Board approves the recommendation to start an Educational Specifications process in Spring of 2017 for BISD's Options Programs, to include exploration of locations and the expansion of programs.  This process will be initiated by a 2017 Options Advisory Committee.

    2017 Options Advisory Committee 

    2017 Options Programs Progress

    Options Programs Board Work Study Session :: 5:30PM, October 19, 2017 :: Commodore Commons :: Presentation 10.19.17

    Options Programs Board Presentation :: 5:30PM, November 30, 2017 :: Boardroom :: Presentation 11.30.17