Capital Projects & Facilities 

  • BHS 100 Building: Architect Selection

    • Steering Committee is formed to select architect and begin Educational Specifications
    Steering Committee Members:
    BHS Staff:  Duane Fish, Kristen Haizlip
    Board Members:  Lynn Smith, Mike Spence
    BISD Administration:  Erin Murphy / Sheryl Belt
    Community:  John Ellis, Ian Forbes, Tom McCloskey, Bruce Weiland
    Capital Projects: Tamela Van Winkle 
    Architect Selection Process:
    -Request for Qualifications for architects is published September 21, 2016
    -Two firms submit qualifications - SRQ & Mahlum Architects
    -Steering Committee reviews submittals and interviews candidates to make recommendation to the Board

    AS 1     AS 2

    •  Steering Committee interviews candidates and selects Mahlum Architects 


    • The BISD Board approves Architect Selection Committee's recommendation of Mahlum Architects as architect for the new BHS 100 Building project on November 10th 


100 Building Steering Committee