Capital Projects & Facilities 

  • BHS 100 Building: Educational Specifications & Steering Committee

    Steering Committee formed to select architect and begin Educational Specifications.  Process expected to be complete in September 2017.
          Steering Committee Members:
          Board Members:  Lynn Smith, Mike Spence
          BHS Staff:  Kristen Haizlip, Duane Fish
          BISD Administration:  Erin Murphy / Sheryl Belt
          Community:  John Ellis, Ian Forbes, Tom McCloskey, Bruce Weiland, Clint Pells
          Capital Projects: Tamela Van Winkle, Carrie Morgan
          CTE Advisor: Peggy Templeton | Sean Eaton
    • Steering Committee works with Mahlum to explore master planning and community partnerships
    • Parents, teachers, administrators and representatives from BHS Steering Committee meet to discuss future programmatic requirements for Special Education
    • Steering Committee visits Issaquah, Liberty and Gibson Ek High School which feature performing arts and CTE environments
    GIbson   Issaquah   Liberty   Liberty Kitchen
    • Staff and Mahlum meet with BARN to explore partnership opportunities and CTE 
    • Mahlum presents concept plans for CTE and Performing Arts campus locations and configuration to Steering Committee
    • Preliminary concept considerations: adjacencies, access, parking, site flexibility, site massing, management and administration 
    • Committee discussion about location of SPED programs, life and career skills and training, CTE partnerships and flexible learning.  Identification of underutilized spaces on BHS campus and potential housing for programs
    • Performing Arts venue early stage discussions
    • Tentative timeline outlined
    • Presentation to the Board of BHS 100 Building Replacement update
    • Mahlum continues to work on preliminary concepts.  Considerations include: space utilization, adjacencies, access, parking, site, flexibility, site massing, management and administration
    • A project schedule, concepts and cost mitigation strategies that included ideas for underutilized space renovation are shared at a Board Work Study Session on June 15

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    • The Steering Committee reviews project goals and prioritization
    • Theater consultants are interviewed by Mahlum
    • Market conditions and cost escalation factors impact project
    • Project schedule/timeline review
    • The Steering Committee reconvenes on Wednesday, January 17, to discuss:
      • Project team
      • Schedule
      • Main Campus Vision Alternatives
    • Theatre Consultant, Adam Shalleck, of The Shalleck Collaborative, Inc., presents several examples of various performing arts program elements as well as options for the proposed performing arts facility.  Appropriate theatre sizing to meet district program needs and curriculum objectives is discussed.
    • A meeting with Principal, Kristen Haizlip and CTE Director, Sean Eaton reviews initial numeric program and associated square footage requirements.

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    • Mahlum meets with BHS administration and CTE teachers to review program needs
    • Committee meeting takes place on February 16.  Presentation 02.15.18.  Project schedule, City of Bainbridge Island land use considerations, user group feedback, program outline and program adjacencies were discussed.


    • Committee meeting takes place on March 14, to discuss:
      • Project Schedule
      • Bainbridge Youth Services
      • Campus and building security
      • Cost updates
      • Conceptual site massing
    • Meeting Minutes 03.14.18


    • Committee meeting takes place on April 18, to discuss:
      • Conceptual site massings with Committee feedback incorporated
      • Cost comparisons
    • Presentation 04.18.18