Capital Projects & Facilities 

  • Blakely: Architect Selection

      • Request for Qualifications for an architect for the Blakely Elementary School replacement is posted
      • Architect Selection Committee is formed 
    Committee Members:
    Blakely Staff:  Reese Ande, Teresa Ball, Lisa McCassey, Keri Pinzon, Kathleen Pool, Robin Thomas, Maureen Wilson
    Board Members:  Mev Hoberg, Sheila Jakubik
    Administration:  Sheryl Belt
    Community / Professionals:  Vicki Clayton, Matthew Coates, Ian Forbes, Michelle Hecker, Margaret Powers
    Capital Projects:  Tamela Van Winkle, John Gray
    Architect Selection Process:
      • Request for Qualifications for architects is published February 12th and 19th
      • Seven firms attend a mandatory walk through meeting at Blakely on February 25th
      • Six firms submit Statements of Qualifications:  Bassetti, Integrus, Mahlum, McLennan, Mithun and NAC
      • The Architect Selection Committee reviews the submittals and selects four firms for interview 
    • Bassetti, Mahlum, Mithun and NAC are selected by the Committee to interview on March 21st 
    • March 29th, Mithun and Mahlum conduct facility tours for the Committee
    • April 14th, the Board approves Architect Selection Committee's recommendation of Mithun as architect for the new Blakely Elementary School Replacement project