• Cardio intervals
    Why do intervals, sometimes known as HIIT training (high intensity interval training)? It’s an efficient way of improving your fitness level, burning body fat, getting in a good sweat and having fun!
    The goal is to get the heart rate up to anaerobic (breathless) followed by recovery.
    Try this treadmill interval workout, it’s quick and to the point…(this is just an example, use it as a guide)
    • Warm-up - walk for 10-15 min at 3-5% incline, speed 3.0-3.5 — Make sure you are warm and ready to go. Intervals are stressful on the body, you need to be prepared!
    • Workout - hike or fast power walk 90 sec at 10% incline at speed 3.0-4.0 hop off the treadmill, do 7 burpees within 30 sec then back on the treadmill
    • Repeat 5x = 10 min — heart rate should be anaerobic, breathless, hard to talk
    • Recover - let the heart rate come down to a comfortable level, easy to breathe, you can talk
    • Optional - repeat again 5x or call it a day
    • Cool Down - walk at 2% incline for 10 min — Do not skip this step. It is a very important step in your recovery!
    You can do this workout on a bike or elliptical - it’s your choice. If you have any questions please ask.