• Warm-up
    Why is a “warm-up” important before every workout?
    A warm-up is important to prepare your body for the stresses of your workout. Perform a dynamic (movement based vs static stretching) warm-up to increase your heart rate and circulation, loosen up the joints and increase blood flow to the muscles. Most important, it decreases the risk of injury!
    An example of a dynamic warm-up - start with 5-10 min on a bike or treadmill to increase the blood flow (warm the body) then follow it with these dynamic movements to warm up the lower body, spine, shoulders and core. Start with forward lunges as you stretch your upper body, side squats with a side bend, crossing lunges with spinal rotation, reverse lunges with back extension reach, and lastly, inchworm flow (I made this up, ask me for the flow).
    Don’t know what these exercise are? No worries. Reach out, I’d love to show you this warm-up!