• BHS Fitness Center Expectations


    All Spartans using the Fitness Center will….


    1. Sign-in daily.
    2. There MUST BE an authorized staff member present with you.
    a) Unsupervised room use is required to be reported to administration.
    b) This is a designated workout space, not a place to hang out.
    3. Wear appropriate athletic attire.
    a) Shirt, shorts or sweat pants, and closed-toed shoes.
    b) No street clothes.
    4. Bring water in a plastic bottle.
    a) No coffee, soda, juice, etc.
    b) No food or gum.
    5. Have PRIDE in OUR Fitness Center. Leave it BETTER than you found it.
    a) When you’re done using a piece of equipment, put it away.
    b) Unload ALL bars.
    c) Put ALL free weights and dumbbells back to their appropriate rack.
    6. Respect your fellow Spartans. The Fitness Center is a safe environment that welcomes all students.
    a) Support and encourage everyone in the Fitness Center.
    b) Help them when needed.
    c) Make your fellow Spartans GREAT!