Internet Access
    In School
    All BISD schools and offices have both networked and wireless access for staff, students and guests conducting school district business. These systems provide Internet access for all classroom activities and school district operations. Staff and students can access the Internet via district-owned devices and through the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) program. Check with your Teacher-Librarian, Building Technology Support Specialist, or classroom teacher if you have questions about Internet Access for school work. 
    Beyond the School Day 
    BISD wants to ensure that students have access to the Internet to complete their learning assignments both in school and beyond the school day.
    All BISD schools have outdoor Internet Access in certain locations for BISD staff and students. Talk with your school's Teacher-Librarian, Building Technology Support Specialists or classroom teacher for the outdoor areas at your current school or at your neighborhood school. 
    If you need assistance with Internet Access beyond the school day, please review the following resources and/or contact your school's principal or counselor. Additionally, there are options available for qualifying families experiencing difficulty with internet access at home. Families have the option to speak with someone from the Technology Department regarding available options by filling out and submitting this form.