EP&O and Technology Levies

  • State and federal funding do not cover all the costs associated with educating students. Districts must request funds through local educational programs and operations levies to pay for costs that are not funded --- or only partially funded --- by the state and federal government.

    Washington state provides no designated funding for technology. Many school districts in our state locally fund technology through levies which cover the expense of technology hardware, software, training and infrastructure.

    These two measures replace levies expiring in December 2017. The renewal EP&O Levy and renewal Technology Levy support educational programs, student learning and staffing, and technology support for four years (2018 - 2021). In recent history, BISD has never operated without local levy support. In the 2016-17 school year, the levies are projected to fund $10.28 million towards BISD's $44.8 millions expenditures. 

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