What should I read tonight?
  •  Thinker Toys

    Thinkertoys: A Handbook of Creative Thinking Techniques

    by Michael Michalko Year Published: 2006

    Creative thinking techniques to help with problem solving.  

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  • The Fantastic, Elastic Brain

    The Fantastic, Elastic Brain

    by By Joann Deak & illustrated by Sarah Ackerly Year Published:

    You can stretch or grow your brain.  Making mistakes is one of the best ways to help your brain grow.  Just like lifting weights to make your muscles stronger, you need to exercise your brain to make it strong too.  

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  • Rosie Revere Engineer

    Rosie Revere Engineer

    by Andrea Beaty and Illustrated by David Roberts Year Published:

    Rosie is an inventor who dreams of becoming a great engineer.  The tough part is to not get bogged down in the "failures" that happen along the way.  Failure is part of the process, but not the expected outcome.  A great read.  

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  • The Art of Tinkering

    The Art of Tinkering

    by Karen Wilkinson and Mike Petrich Year Published:

    Brought to you by the Exploritorium in San Francisco.  This book is FULL of terrific Maker Space projects.  See the creative process and products of 150 tinkerers.  

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  • The Most Magnificent Thing

    The Most Magnificent Thing

    by Ashley Spires Year Published:

    How to deal with the frustration when your vision doesn't match the project outcome.  Again and again and again.  A sweet and funny story about a girl and her dog who persevere despite obstacles.  

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  • Going Places

    Going Places

    by Paul Reynolds Year Published:

    Celebrates finding creative solutions to engineering challenges and that often two heads are better than one.  

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  • Cultivating Curiosity

    Cultivating Curiosity in the K-12 Classroom

    by Wendy L. Ostroff Year Published:

    Fostering creativity in your classroom.    

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  • Innovator's Mindset

    Innovator's Mindset: Empower Learning, Unleash Talent, and Lead a Culture of Creativity

    by George Couros Year Published:

    Written for teachers and administrator's.  How to foster innovation and creativity in your classroom and school.  Practical tips.  Philosophical overview.  

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  • Invent to Learn

    Invent to Learn

    by Sylvia Libow and Gary Stager Year Published:

    OVERVIEW.  The author's explain the philosophy behind the Maker Movement in the classroom.  Plus there are some practical tips for creating a Maker Space in your classroom.

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