Students are required to earn 24 credits, complete a 5-year plan, and meet state testing standards in order to to graduate from Eagle Harbor High School. Below is a chart of course requirements and recommendations. Course and credit requirements represent minimum requirements.  

    College Bound 


    English    4  4
    Math    3*  4
    Science  3  3
    Social Studies  
    World Language  2**  3 - 4*
    Health/Fitness  2  2
    Fine Arts  2**  1***
    Career Education  1  1
    General Electives  4  2 - 3
    Total     24  24
    *Most colleges require 2 years of one World Language; many recommend 3 to 4 years. College bound students should refer to specific college websites for admission requirements. 
    **Students may substitute 1.0 of the Fine/Performing Arts requirement and 2.0 of the World Language requirement based on their 5-Year Plan, with counselor and administration approval. 
    ***University of California and California State University systems require a 1-2 semester sequence to satisfy their Fine Arts Requirement (example: Ceramics 1 and Ceramics 2).  The Fine Arts courses do not have to occur in the same school year.
    Non-Credit Graduation Requirements
    • Complete High School and Beyond Plan (5 Year Plan)
    • Pass State Tests or State-Approved Alternatives