Stream Team - Important Classroom Information

     Homework Folder & Planner will go home every day and should always stay in your student's backpack at night. We use this folder to help organize our papers and encourage responsibility and communication. Please look through your child's folder every evening and make it a part of your child's routine. Your involvement and attitude will help your child learn habits for future independence and have a tremendous impact on your child's learning. You may want to write your family emergency numbers (such as home and work) on the inside cover of the planner and on a sticker in the homework folder.

     Homework: Up to an hour total homework is assigned Monday through Thursday (only occasionally on a Friday) and is due at various points throughout the week. Please help your child by setting up a routine and location for homework completion. Having a break and snack between school and homework time is a great idea. They will need their own table or place to complete homework where distractions are kept to a minimum. You can assist by helping them to plan their week's work every Monday; figure out which assignments to complete on which days of the week. Remember, they are learning time management and developmentally will need your help with this step. We assign homework to help your child set up a routine and develop study skills. Homework is not a "one assignment fits all.” If you need to help your child modify an assignment or your child has worked for 30 minutes on a subject, use your "magic wand" and write us a note. Homework should be completed with pride and effort and then placed carefully into their homework folder in their backpack before bed. Remember, homework is ultimately your child's responsibility and your goal is for them to learn future homework independence.

     Reading - Your student should read every day, aim for 30 minutes. Research has shown this to be a constant variable in developing into lifelong readers. Students are asked to aim for an average of 140 minutes of reading per week spread over at least 4 days (frequency is important). The time you read together with your child counts towards these minutes! If you have a reluctant reader, encourage the use of audio books which s/he reads along with.

     Absences - Please call the Sakai attendance line at 780-6600 to inform the office of your child's absences or changes in transportation plans.  Try to schedule Vacations and appointments around the school schedule as much as possible. Find a "study buddy" family to help your child track what they miss. If you let us know at least one day in advance, we will attempt to send any already prepared assignments home. Other work missed will be gathered in your child's absence and can be completed upon their return. Remember, it is often stressful for children to miss school.

    In the case of Illness, send an email and by the following day we can leave any work they can complete in the office for you to pick up.

     Birthdays - We will be briefly acknowledging birthdays (half birthdays for summer kids) in class. Students are welcome (definitely not required!) to bring a small healthy treat for the entire class (28 portions). This year we have a couple of students who are allergic to nuts. We sing "Happy birthday" in at least two languages and each child receives a card signed by the teachers.

     Snack and water bottle - Please provide a healthy snack for your student that does not include nuts. A snack increases your child's energy level and attention span. Some great snack suggestions are: apple slices, dried fruit, yoghurt, half a sandwich, cheese stick, granola bar, carrots, crackers....Please provide your child with a spoon or fork if necessary. We do not share snacks. Please avoid sugary snacks like cookies, candy, brownies etc... Students may have a pull or flip-top water bottle (water only) to place on their desks.

     Communication - The best way to contact us is to leave a phone message or send an email:

    Writing a note in the planner or sending one with your child in their homework folder also works after a little practice. In the beginning, leave a message and write a note until you are confident the system works for your child!

    ***Please remember, our emphasis during day is teaching and learning with your kids; we can only check email and phone messages at the end of the day and often not until the evening, so allow time (up to 12 hours) for a response. If it is a matter that can be handled in the office 780-6500, they will make sure we get a written message before the end of the school day.

     Our Class Webpages - Our typical schedule and lots of great links are currently on our classroom webpage. Throughout the year we will send email posts when we add new photographs or other classroom information. You can locate the website by visiting the BISD website -> schools -> Sakai -> Staff -> Elizabeth Vroom or Julie Parker

     Finally - Our year will start with establishing classroom routines, cooperation concepts and generally transitioning back to school. Early bedtimes, a nutritious breakfast and words of encouragement are very helpful. We look forward to working with you and your children this year!