• Science and Social Studies

    Every day, we will end our day with either a science or social studies lesson. 
    The science lessons are based on the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS). The science lessons engage students in inquiry-based learning centered around place-based, often local phenomena. This year, we will study two big units: Patterns in the Sky and Plants and Animals.  
    In addition, we will watch videos and conduct activities using Mystery Science.  Mystery Doug is a huge hit with the students. 
    The social studies lessons will involve reading and discussing text with the social studies objectives in mind and conducting projects to help deepen understanding.  In first grade, the students will focus on the following big ideas:
    • Understands key ideals and principles of the United States, including those in the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, and other fundamental documents.
    • Understands that people have to make choices between wants and needs and evaluate the outcomes of those choices.
    • Understands the physical characteristics, cultural characteristics, and location of places, regions, and spatial patterns on the Earth’s surface
    • Understands historical chronology.