• Birthday Timeline of Your Life

    This is an optional project. The first grade social studies curriculum focuses on families and changes over time. Creating a "timeline of your life" to celebrate your child's birthday gives each child an opportunity to think about and share his or her personal history.

    Your child is to create a timeline of his or her life. Begin the timeline with the date and place of birth. Other significant events might include moves, births of younger siblings, special trips, start of school, activities and sporting events, etc. Illustrate with photos (copies, not originals!), drawings, stickers, or mementos. Please label all photos and mementos. 

    This is a wonderful opportunity to learn how to plan a project by brainstorming ideas and discussing and planning what is needed to put it all together. Your child needs to participate fully in the development of their timeline with some parental guidance. 

    Help your child practice their presentation so they are familiar with the pictures and talking points. It usually takes at least a week to plan, organize, put it together and practice presenting. 

    Your child will share the timeline and explain the highlights to the class, answer questions, receive comments, compliments, etc. We will keep the timeline on display for 1-2 weeks to see how our lives are alike and how they are different. This is a concrete representation that helps us measure the passage of time. 

    Have fun supporting your child in this delightful school project...I know that as a class we will enjoy learning about one another! 

    Please email me with any questions.